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  1. Issue With Timing Belt On Odd Junkyard engine

    3rd Gen
    Hello all. As you might have seen last year I posted about how I had a blown b21 and a running b20a3 block from the junk yard and I was going to put the b21 head on the b20a3 block and Ive done it and I had it running for about 5 minutes the other day. The only Issue Ive run into so far is...
  2. Jon Lasaga's part liquidation thread

    3rd Gen
    Hello all. Ive got a bunch of random parts that got taken off my prelude that I no longer need any more. They are taking up alot of space and I really gotta get rid of them before I run out of space and end up putting them outside or in the scrap heap. Im looking to sell these cheap to...
  3. Putting B21a1 fuel injection onto b20a3 engine

    3rd Gen
    Hello all I have been working on putting fuel injection from the original engine in my 91 prelude onto the b20a3 that was put into it. After I got both the dual carb setup and the fuel injection taken off I realized that the fuel injection manifold has 4 pipes and the engine only has two pipes...
  4. Constant overheating

    3rd Gen
    I bought the car 2 months ago, 3rd gen 2.0s b20a3 carbureted. I did search for how to fix this, wasnt included in the write ups or general search. When i bought the car it overheated constantly, no thermostat, thermostat gasket, bad worn hoses, wrong coolant, and a clogged up radiator. 3rd week...
  5. 91 Prelude engine and tranny questions

    3rd Gen
    Ok guys, my 91' Prelude just hit 270k miles and started knocking so its time to do some repairs but before I do anything I was wondering if any of the parts I have for my spare B18C Type-R engine would be usable on my engine. I also have the tranny that the B18 came with, would it work with...
  6. 3rd Gen_ My Red 2.0S B20A3

    Hello PreludePower, here's my B20A3 daily driver that I bought on December 31st, 2012. Back when I first got her: First pic sent to me from the original owner at 162k before purchase: My car as of September 8, 2014 (wasn't washed in this pic): Exterior: '90 2.0Si passenger foglight with...
  7. Looking for a carburetor for 1990 Honda Prelude 2.0 S

    3rd Gen
    I found this site after researching a replacement carburetor for a 1990 Honda Prelude 2.0 S. I'm happy to see that people still appreciate the lude and all its glory. My lude has been sitting for 4 years because I purchased an Infiniti Q45 so I really didnt drive it much. Needless to say someone...
  8. b20a3 vacuum control box help!

    3rd Gen
    I just got an 88 lude with a b20a3 in it and the previous owner took out the vac. control box. Why they did this i do not know, but it is running rich and poors black smoke. Is there any way to bypass the box? I figure there should be a port that pulls vacuum on the intake, but cant find any...
  9. prelude spuutering like crazy

    3rd Gen
    hey guys just bought 90 lude with b20a3. i rebuilt the entire top end and made sure everything went back together in the exact same order. I finally got her fired up today but it sputters horribly. and is backfiring back into the carbs. I have i feeling that i got the valve lash wrong, but...
  10. New to preludes

    Forced Induction
    Hi, I just got a 89 Prelude S and I was wondering if there were any Turbo kits for it? I would like to keep it Carbed if possible, I plan on getting some Weber Carburetors for it. Thanks.
  11. high output alt for b20a3

    Car Entertainment and Security
    my alternator died last week so i figured i'd get something a little beefier and stumbled across one on ebay that was stated to put out 140 amps for 135$ er so shipped. the first thing i thought was that it was one of those rip offs way too good to be true things. but i figured worst thing...