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  1. 3rd Gen parts

    Part Outs
    I haven't been on here in a bit, but as my lude was stolen, and I'm moving in the next month, I need to sell everything I have for her before I go because I'm not taking any of it with me. I've got everything on the local CL, but for the lude community, If someone wants to just pick everything...
  2. It finally happened. Time to build.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys. So I haven't posted on here for a while due to school and the Lude being in storage, but now that I'm finished it's time to get back into Luding. for those who don't know I own a 1990 Honda Prelude SR (I swapped in 4WS) with the B21a1. about 4/5 years ago in highschool I attempted to...
  3. My 160whp B20A build thread.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, so the B21a1 is definitely and finally toast at 357'000 kms :/ it runs and revs, but it's got a pretty serious knock in the bottom end, so it's time for me to start thinking about building a real engine. I'm in school now so I won't be building for at least 8 months, but I want to...
  4. F/S: JDM B20A plus extras

    I have a B20A that I had installed in the previous '91 Si ALB model and pulled it the the car was totalled (unrelated to the engine). Motor ran strong and had no leaks when I pulled it. It is attached to the original transmission that was attached to the original B21A1 when I swapped everything...
  5. 91' prelude b20a5 Build

    3rd Gen
    Alright so this is the thing, i got the visuals down, everything already in order to be done, but i need to build this motor and not sure were to go with it, turbo or n/a ? and whats good to put on these for power. Already has an intake, and minor exhaust, i need some help with this and if turbo...
  6. Will a B20 bolt right up too B21 Motor Mounts?

    3rd Gen
    My 91 lude has a blown B21 so i gotta drop a new motor in it but i dont want another B21 cause all its done is give me problems and the one i have was really weak. So im wondering if one, will the motor bolt right up to the stock mounts? and also if i can use the B21 tranny since the B21 is...
  7. WTB: B20A5 Adjustable Cam Gears

    Preferably 5 bolt, will take 4 bolt. Reasonable price though
  8. B20/B21 Build

    3rd Gen
    1991 Honda Prelude Si. B21a1 Automatic. Threw a connecting rod and busted the block I am rebuilding and swapping to a 5 speed. I am looking to build a mild street machine thats a daily driver. Im building a b21. So if i get a b20 block its getting milled to b21 specs. I need to know all the...
  9. is a engine swap worth the trouble

    3rd Gen
    I have an 89 prelude (i think that means it has a b20a5 engine in it) and I have been reading up on engine swaps with the h22. From what i have read getting the h22 engine hooked up and working in a 3rd gen prelude is a lot of work and a lot of local shops won't do it for you because of all the...