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  1. Write ups & How tos
    I have a 1986 Honda prelude with, what I think is a A20a3 motor. Knowing there isn't much aftermarket support for the A series motors, I was considering doing a B series engine swap. I found some innovative motor mounts for the 86-89 honda accords. would these motor mounts work with the 86...
  2. General
    Yea so I'm still pretty new to all this but I need advice on an engine swap for my 95 prelude. I'm currently running a f22a but it's dying out so I'm looking to swap to something with some more power but will be good for a street road with a lot of turns. I was looking at the jdm h22 but most of...
  3. Wanted
    Whats up guys im looking for the JDM H22A complete engine and the parts needed to swap into a 3g prelude like rywire haness, shift linkage/cables, ect. Im also looking for the H2B swap. I have cash in hand and will do person to person deals only, im located in minneapolis, mn. Text me for...
1-3 of 3 Results