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  1. Install Piggyback Ecu master DET3

    Write ups & How tos
    So i want to make a tutorial for those who have an automatic Prelude like me. So the problem for me is that i cannot buy me a manual because i am disabled and so stuck to auto transmissions. I find that the best piggyback out there is the Ecu Master det 3. It has tables, can adjust fuel and...
  2. 1998 2.2 Vtec Auto Box Maintenance & Tips

    5th Gen
    Hello. First post, forgive me if covered I could not see a search function or anything in the 5th gen section. :smile2: I am looking for tips on the best maintenance for the auto box. Which oil is best to do a change :icon_frown: ( I get many conflicting answers online) Any other things...
  3. Need some auto transmission help

    2nd Gen
    Hi guys, I have a 1986 Prelude with a 5 speed manual transmission and 1.8 dual carb. I recently stripped a 1987 2.0 SI with an auto trans. 5th gear is out of the manual so I'd like to put the auto trans in the '86. My problem is, on the SI the kickdown cable went from the throttle body to the...
  4. Auto to manual swap: Those damn bolt holes

    3rd Gen
    Alright, sorry if this isn't necessarily deserving of it's own thread, if that's the case, then I will gladly delete it, just let me know. I was gonna ask this in the H22 swap thread, but I kinda felt like this was a topic that deserved it's own thread, due to the fact it could really be for...
  5. Requirements for Engine Swap!

    5th Gen
    I picked up a '99 Base H22a4 to go into my 2000 Base lude. Only thing is that the Engine came out of an AUTOMATIC and is going into a MANUAL. Are there any problems I'm going to run into besides changing out the flywheel? Sidenote: The engine coming OUT of the lude is a JDM H22A that needs...
  6. Transmission Help! (Automatic)

    5th Gen
    My prelude (5th gen - 2000) it's an automatic and, well, it has been kicking since i got it but not when I accelerate, but when I come to a complete stop my rpm with go down to 1 and shoot up to 1500 rpm and then kicks...My guess is that the ATF needs to be changed considering the previous owner...
  7. i need help on option try 5gen

    5th Gen
    hi here my deal i seen a for sale or trade 1999 prelude link: but he said the automatic trans is giving up or have some trouble . my confusion issue is are all 5th gen is obd2 mean base and sh model since h and f is the same can i use...
  8. Third time auto Tranny is acting up in 3 years...3rd time's a charm?

    5th Gen
    Car ran perfect, until the other night driving to class, cruising at 50mph. the car just slips out of 4th gear ( i don't use sportshift) and revs to like 7k rpm, then catches back and continues normally. Well It doesn't do it again for the next 15 mins. I got to class. classes over, begin...
  9. Woman with a tranny question

    5th Gen
    I might sound dumd for asking this... but I used to have a manual prelude and just recently got a newer on but its a tiptronic auto... I miss my Manual sooo much! Lets say I had the extra money laying around, What would i need to do in order to do a trasmission swap from an auto to a manual...