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  1. First time Prelude Owner, Auto transmission questions.

    5th Gen
    Hi, I just bought a cheap 1999 Honda Prelude Auto. The car was cheap because the previous owner apparently had too many cars and was having financial issues so didn't re-register it in January. I did some research before purchase so I am aware of the major issues that the 5th gen lude auto has...
  2. 1998 2.2 Vtec Auto Box Maintenance & Tips

    5th Gen
    Hello. First post, forgive me if covered I could not see a search function or anything in the 5th gen section. :smile2: I am looking for tips on the best maintenance for the auto box. Which oil is best to do a change :icon_frown: ( I get many conflicting answers online) Any other things...
  3. Erractic Automatic Shifting.

    3rd Gen
    I have an '89 SI automatic. The car has not ran in 3 years and after putting it in time anddoing a time-up it started right up. Good right? Yea kinda other than the shifting problem. It is an automatic and if I had the funds a 5 speed would be in it. BUT I don't so anyways at 1/2 throttle it...
  4. Car Alarm to Auto Flip Side Mirror

    3rd Gen
    I am planning to connect the autoflip side mirror to alarm module. Alarm Unlock= Unflip Alarm Lock=Flip So far i am planing to disconnect the stock autoflip relay since it has only 1 signal wire for flip and unflip 2 relays and 2 delay circuit will be constructed. Once the project succeed i...
  5. Honda Prelude BB6 AT and MT Front Cut Condition

    Hi! I am currently looking to do a BB6 swap. I found a couple of BB6 front half-cuts at an auto parts dealer. They come complete with the dash intact. One is auto and the other is a stick shift. The problem is that they are placed outdoors and the auto parts dealer stacks half-cuts on top...
  6. F/S 5th Gen: 2000 Prelude $6000

    Cars For Sale
    Name: Dewayne Location: El dorado AR Contact: (870) 918-3289 Email: [email protected] Interested? Know anyone who might be? I have already picked up my next project car so it is time to let this one go... (95 rx7.... wooo !!) the car is a 2000 base model in premium white pearl with...
  7. Auto To Manual

    5th Gen
    I need to know everything that i would need to do a auto to manual conversion for my car. I have a 5th gen. What i was looking for was a unrepairable 5th gen so i can just scrap what i would need off of that but i had no luck on finding 1. So please help!!!!! and also would it be worth it? thanks
  8. Stalling in Reverse - '92 AUTO

    4th Gen
    Hi I'm a newbie with a problem (surprise surprise) :oops: Just bought an auto 92 Prelude & while it has some fairly easy to fix problems (I'm a girl & am learning on it) it's basically a good daily driver. However... It doesn't like reversing. There's no grinding or anything, it just starts...