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  1. Car Entertainment and Security
    Hi, I was wondering if there are any thin amps out there? Current I am using an Alpine MRP-F300. I would like something much thinner and performs the same if not better then my current amp. Must have all the connections I currently have as well in order for it all to work. Anyone got any...
  2. 5th Gen
    does anyone the factory output specs on our alternators? I need to upgrade for my new stereo system but cannot afford an actual "car audio alt" there like $349.00.... was wondering if a shop could beef it up, and if so how high could it go.
  3. 5th Gen
    So I've had my underdrive pullies for awhile now.. the lights do dim slightly at idle and is back to normal with a tap of gas or while driving. I decided i want a LITTLE bass in my car. I'm getting one 12" Kenwood sub and Im trying to keep the wattage down so I'm most likely getting a 300-500...
1-3 of 3 Results