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  1. '89 2.0 Si heavily vibrates at idle with headlights or hazard lights on.

    3rd Gen
    '89 2.0 Si engine load increases heavily with headlights or hazard lights on. Hi all, My 1989 Prelude Si B20A5 vibrates at idle. As in, the steering wheel visibly shakes, and the whole car vibrates as if it is under heavy load. But the RPMs do not fluctuate. I thought it might be a...
  2. (2nd Gen) Rebuilding/Upgrading Alternator

    2nd Gen
    So I've been doing some research, and before I pull the trigger on a rebuild kit, I wanted to get some other feedback. This is somewhat for performance, but primarily for my sound system. I'm not looking to have anything too crazy (at least not yet), but I'm a very nitpicky basshead and like to...
  3. Possible Electric Issue?

    5th Gen
    Hello Lately, I've been having a lot of issues lately with my 97 H22A4 Honda Prelude. It all started about 3-4 weeks ago with the beeping. Most vehicles beep when you have your door open and with the key in the ignition. Well one day I get off work, open my door and the car is beeping WITHOUT...
  4. Need help asap *1989 prelude problems*

    3rd Gen
    Hey I've got an 89 prelude, engine is an S single over head i'm not sure which engine it is i'm new to the Honda world, i usually drive a nova. my Honda recently was running and then it started acting weird as in the headlights went out well then i got new headlights and then the first...
  5. F/S: H22 OEM Pulley Set-Crank, Alt, P.S. Mint Condition!

    Hi, Up for sale is a Mint set of OEM Pulleys removed from a 5th Gen. Honda Prelude H22A4. These were quickly removed in exchange for an Unorthodox Pulley kit & have been boxed ever since. No longer have any use for them so they must go! Selling as complete set or willing to part out. PayPal...
  6. 1988 Honda Prelude 2.0s Electrical Problem with 240k miles

    3rd Gen
    took my jdm 3 pin alt plug off harness and spliced a 4 wire usdm(i think) plug to harness...wire on my harness are black/ green/white...those wires match up so i spliced those to the plug, but there is extra red/white wire hangin...what do i do with it? what do they mean...
  7. timing belt problem

    5th Gen
    i noticed the other day that there was a whining noise coming from what seemed to be the timing belt, the whining sound comes and goes, at idle the there is a clicking sound and the larger pully connected to both the timing belt and alternator seems like its wobbling..... i feel like i should be...
  8. Alternator/Pwer Steering BLOWOUT!!

    3rd Gen
    So where to start, I currently own a 91 SI 2.1 DOHC B21A1 lude. Got some body damaged, basically a black eye on the driver side, it no longer forms to the conventional look. I proly need to take it to a body shop to hammer out the frame so i can get the sleek "no lights" look one day :/ so...
  9. Power pulsation issue (electric), 1988

    3rd Gen
    1988 Prelude 2.0Si 4WS. Stock everything besides radio (plug in type). Background: I got this car in September and have had some continuing electrical issues. Before the issue was the car was eating batteries and alternators but I haven't had any issues in that regard since I replaced the...
  10. Alternator woes

    5th Gen
    Radio started turning off a few times randomly yesterday while driving. Today my car tried to start but couldn't quite manage. Battery is only a 1.5 yrs old. I tested the alternator at Autozone - it's good. While uninstalling the alternator, the wiring to the alternator was corroded to shit...
  11. alternator..

    5th Gen
    does anyone the factory output specs on our alternators? I need to upgrade for my new stereo system but cannot afford an actual "car audio alt" there like $349.00.... was wondering if a shop could beef it up, and if so how high could it go.
  12. New Alternator Low Amps?

    5th Gen
    Hi Everyone - So for those that didn't follow my fiasco with my vtec solenoid, let me go ahead and warn that my knowledge of cars is somewhere in the range of "pitiful". That being said, I have learned a hell of a lot in the last month of working on my '97 - poor thing is finally starting to...
  13. Alternator hell

    5th Gen
    Okay - I have another thread going a bit about my trials recently, but I figure this warrants its own thread. My alternator is shorting. It's killing the battery when it's not even on. Not good. So I have to pull it out. This is the one topic I have yet to find a DIY walkthrough on, so I...
  14. alternator upgrade

    3rd Gen
    So I just installed my sound system (which includes four type r 100w speakers, a 15" type r 750w sub, a 900w kenwood amp and a 500w power acoustik amp) and I am wondering if I will need to upgrade my alternator or not. I need a new one and am basically asking if the 70amps from the stock one is...
  15. AEM underive Pullies and a Sound system

    5th Gen
    So I've had my underdrive pullies for awhile now.. the lights do dim slightly at idle and is back to normal with a tap of gas or while driving. I decided i want a LITTLE bass in my car. I'm getting one 12" Kenwood sub and Im trying to keep the wattage down so I'm most likely getting a 300-500...
  16. high output alt for b20a3

    Car Entertainment and Security
    my alternator died last week so i figured i'd get something a little beefier and stumbled across one on ebay that was stated to put out 140 amps for 135$ er so shipped. the first thing i thought was that it was one of those rip offs way too good to be true things. but i figured worst thing...
  17. weird noise coming from alternator or belts

    4th Gen
    ok so yesterday i noticed while parking that my prelude is making a weird ass noise when accelerating.i noticed on the low idles because my mufflers too loud to hear anything else,so anyway it sounds sort of like those remote control cars like an electrical noise its kinda hard to explain.well...