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alternator battery issues

  1. 1986 Lude 1.8 carbs will not charge the battery

    2nd Gen
    1986 Lude 1.8 Twin carbs will not charge the battery Hi 1986 Honda Prelude 1.8 Twin Carbs battery light stays on after started. I just put a new alternator and it will not charge the battery. I checked the grounds and positive cables they seem to be just fine. I also checked the white wire...
  2. HELP: 88 prelude 2.0 si alternator troubles

    3rd Gen
    To start, around 2 weeks ago I was in the middle of a 20 min drive when all my electonics on the dash dimmed & my radio cut off. Next the headlights dimmed and my rev wouldnt go higher than 3500-4000. I made it home, parked & the next morning my lude fired right up. Yet halfway to work the same...
  3. Battery drain!!!!

    3rd Gen
    Hi guys new owner of an 88 prelude 2.0 si. I got this car recently and it's giving me tons of trouble turning it on. Part that were left in it were old but there was a new battery. I changed out the alternator thinking that was the problem but all it did was make it worse. The car wont start...
  4. Battery not charging!!!!! any ideas?

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, so i've read some threads on this issue but none seem quite like mine. So i installed my stereo a couple days ago, new front speaks, new deck, new rear speaks, a 12" sub and an amplifier. 3 days later, gauges shut down, power shut down, i lost power, i even lost power to the...