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  1. 5th Gen
    I replaced my air mix linkage because it was stiff. the heater didn't work before and it still doesn't work. any guide on trouble shooting my heater system
  2. A/C

    3rd Gen
    Ok so I have an 89 so. Has a charged system with an new compressor. When A/C button is depressed, in clicks I. Down position but light on button only illuminates when dressed the goes off upon release. I've switched the compressor relay with another if like kind in the engine bay fuse box and...
  3. 4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude with the f22a1 and my car seems to have an ac condenser but no button to turn it on inside the car. How can I get power to the unit to get ac
  4. 5th Gen
    I have a 1998 Honda Prelude, and I replaced the ignition switch on it back in June. A week or so later, I had my ABS light kick on occasionally at random times and every time it came on, it would disable my air conditioning and the side mirror adjustment. I would try toggling the AC off, and...
  5. 4th Gen
    Okay, a few weeks ago I had a new stereo system installed, everything from a new head unit to an amp, sub, and all new speakers. I don't know if my a/c and blower went out that day, or a few days afterwards because I don't remember if we tried to use it on the way home. Skip to a week later, my...
  6. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys need help w/ a/c part. it's leaking from the part on the firewall. what is this called?...i'm getting estimates for $500, F***k that!...pls help...also my cruise control isn't working. all worked b4, but when i got my engine re-built at fast autworks in arcadia, ca. they F*** me 4 $4k &...
  7. 4th Gen
    i really didn't want to make a new thread since a lot of newbs get told to search. i did and still didn't get the answer i was looking for. in the mornings my 4ws is as consitent as a clock as well as my a/c. then when it warms up throughout the day my 4ws sometimes will be working when i turn...
  8. 5th Gen
    Searched the forums and didnt really find anyone with same issue so here it goes.... OK, so this all started about a week ago. Hot as hell here in Missouri and i use AC alot, recently while i have my AC on and i come to a stop or it idles down the idle is getting as low as 200, shaking the car...
  9. 5th Gen
    Just wondering if anyone has encountered this before. My wife's 2001 SH (133K miles) AC was blowing fine but no cold air. My brother and I checked the pressures and charged the system. Now the high end pressure is very high and the low end pressure is within a normal range. After charging...
  10. 5th Gen
    I continously press the gas. (and who wants to do that!) The car runs fine without the a/c on. Although it sometimes idles a little low at times during cold-start, but not all the time. Immediately upon hittin the a/c switch, the car "shudders" pretty bad, the idle kinda pops up a little...
  11. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I just removed the AC lines from my 89 Si 4WS today. After the car was running for about 10 minutes, the check engine light came one. It has never come on before so I figured it must be something to do with the A/C. The only sensor (at least I think it's a sensor) that I found was...
1-11 of 11 Results