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  1. ABS Light Kills My AC

    5th Gen
    I have a 1998 Honda Prelude, and I replaced the ignition switch on it back in June. A week or so later, I had my ABS light kick on occasionally at random times and every time it came on, it would disable my air conditioning and the side mirror adjustment. I would try toggling the AC off, and...
  2. 3rd Gen ABS Sensor substitute?

    3rd Gen
    The front left ABS wheel speed sensor on my 1990 2.0i 16V 4WS has failed - i.e. it's open circuit from having touched the sensor ring. I can't find a replacement here in the UK. I found, ordered and paid for one from Japan, only to get an email [and refund:smile2:] saying the part was...
  3. ABS OHM for a 95 Prelude

    4th Gen
    Hello everyone, Im new to this and didnt see a forum but tried looking for a Ohm reading for a 95 Prelude SE 2.3 on the ABS sensor. My Prelude has been throwing a ABS code 4-2 (Left Front Wheel Sensor) for some time now and I'd appreciate any info on how to get rid of it. Little background to...
  4. PLEASE HELP front steering possition sensor....... anyone got pics?????

    5th Gen
    Hi all, As you can see im mr super noob lol got my first prelude 5th gen on thursday and noticed the 4ws was not operating. after reinstalling quite a few bulbs i have found out my abs light and 4ws lights stay on. so i have tryed the reset procedures, 4ws worked for 5 mins and the abs light...
  5. another abs code thread

    4th Gen
    i searched and cant come up with a straight answer, i have abs code 3-4 one list says "right rear rotor damage", one says "right rear pulser" another says "right rear abs sensor" and yet another says "right rear wheel sensor" the only constant is right rear lol so what is abs code 3-4 for a...
  6. Honda prelude 1992 2.2 vtech JDM auto with 4ws Fault codes abs , 4ws ecl

    4th Gen
    Hi guys I am new here so bear with me . I have a problem . I got new prelude a few weeks ago , now , abs light is on and 4 ws light and now cel as well. I managed to find the little tester and have managed to find out abs code ( 4 quick flashes , then another 4 quick flashes ) as far as i can...