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  1. 5th gen K swap

    5th Gen
    hello! I am looking to build a k swapped 5th gen prelude. I found a 5th gen for 1500 bucks that the timing belt broke in, so I will likely purchase it and put in a k series engine if I can. I've seen a few people with k swapped preludes, and there appears to be a 4th Feb mounting kit, but I'm...
  2. Radio problem

    5th Gen
    So im trying to put a new radio in my 98prelude but im having a problem on power it seem to no be getting power at all but ive checked all th e fuses and on the radio but still no power.!! What do you guys think the problem can be????

    Write ups & How tos
    I am super new to PreludePower and any sort of forum as well. If I am posting about this topic incorrectly, please let me know. Thank you. After looking around the site for quite a bit (maybe not enough who knows) for any sort of help on choosing and installing aftermarket steering wheels/boss...
  4. 2001 Base model only starts when the engine is cold. i need help.

    5th Gen
    Hello everyone, i have a 2001 5th gen with an H22A4 and it died in February. It wouldn't crank or start, i changed the starter, nothing happened. its an automatic so when i took off the stater i noticed that the torque converter had its welds broken and its gears grinned. Went ahead and changed...
  5. 97 grill

    5th Gen
    Hello just bought a 97 prelude 5th gen looking for a grill for the front haven’t had any luck anywhere else pretty new to forums as well
  6. 5th gen misfire

    5th Gen
    Okay so here's whats going on, I recently bought a 2000 Honda prelude, kid said he had the head rebuilt and that's all, he couldn't get the car to run, I managed to get the car running after fixing the fuel pump relay, noticed engine had a jumpy idle, couldn't rev past 4k ram, replaced all the...
  7. Misfires 1,2,3 cylinders please help :(

    5th Gen
    Ok so 5 months ago i bought a 2000 prelude base model has 220000km now. Car was running rich so ive replaced both of my o2 sensors and this was 3 weeks ago. CEL came on today, saying misfires on cylinder 1,2 and 3 and there was another one i think it was P1399? so i replaced my spark plugs today...
  8. Help! Tapping noise coming from engine

    5th Gen
    Hello! I have a 1997 Honda Prelude base model and it has a not loud but audible tapping noise coming from the top;front of the engine (I’m pretty sure). I don’t usually deal with the inside of an engine so your help would be greatly appreciated. I tried to capture the sound as best as I could, I...
  9. Key fob doesnt work for driver side

    5th Gen
    key fob to lock doors only work for passenger when driver door is unlocked when both are lock key fob wont work for either
  10. Aftermarket seats

    5th Gen
    Can any one give suggestions on good after market seat for a 01 type sh. Im also 6’4 so if you know of any seats that are close or lower than the stock position that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Misc items for sale

    I’ve got these 3 minor misc items for sale. Need them gone, haven’t had the car in years. Brand new jack tools OEM from Honda. Just the jack tools not the jack itself, $30. Muffler silencers, never used $25 for the pair. I’m almost positive I have the oem side running boards for driver and...
  12. 5th Gen Coilovers

    5th Gen
    anyone know what coilovers have the biggest drop ? i am currently on ebay coilovers installed by the previous owner and they are shot. rears are tucking 17x9s and they aren’t even maxed out but my fronts are maxed out and aren’t nearly as low as the rears
  13. 2001 Honda Prelude Transmission help

    5th Gen
    So my transmission has started to give me problems on my base 01 prelude. Currently I have the m2y4 transmission that came with the car but I have read on the forums that the t2w4 is a better option. My question is should I replace my trans for another m2y4 or get the t2w4?
  14. PLEASE HELP..... 2000 Honda Prelude SH motor/transmission swap

    5th Gen
    I was having some issues with my stock prelude SH and decided to do a full swap. I went with H22A 2.2L Accord Euro R with a T2W4 LSD Transmission. We doubled checked every connector and sensor but we still can't get it to turnover. I am not the main mechanic on this project. Thankfully he is...
  15. ABS Light Kills My AC

    5th Gen
    I have a 1998 Honda Prelude, and I replaced the ignition switch on it back in June. A week or so later, I had my ABS light kick on occasionally at random times and every time it came on, it would disable my air conditioning and the side mirror adjustment. I would try toggling the AC off, and...
  16. 5th Gen_ #AcidDragon Our kinda stock build

    This project build will be pretty exciting for sure! Picked up this 2000 Prelude from auction for $200. It is a Base model, H22a4, manual tranny. It was fairly stock with only a short ram intake and lowering springs put on it. Only real issue that was obvious was an oil leak. After...
  17. First Lude upgrades

    5th Gen
    So a couple weeks ago i bought a 1997 Base Prelude.... Automatic. I know I know, I've been told countless times to avoid the auto like the plague. But Preludes in running condition are few and far between in my location. My question is though, what can i do to get it as a comfortable and kinda...
  18. What were all the factory/dealer options??

    5th Gen
    Hey, I just scored a 1999 VTi-R ATTS on the local classifieds, the car is 100% original to the T, and it came with more paperwork for a car than i'd ever seen. It even came with the original dealership quality assurance delivery docket that checked to see that the car was in good running order...
  19. Dashboard lights and low lights went out

    5th Gen
    I have a 2001 Honda Prelude as I was coming off the highway a hit a pot hole on the left front wheel (my car is low) which sounded bad. A few seconds later my dashboard lights went out including the ones the control the A/C. When i got home and tried to turn on the lowest beam option the first...
  20. Possible Inner CV issue?

    5th Gen
    Hello all. Just bought my first lude (97 base 5spd) and my first foray into FWD and I'm having a vibration accompanied by a rubbing noise when I push to far down or to quickly on the accelerator almost as if I had dropped the clutch while in WOT almost like two gears bouncing. The guy I bought...