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    Hey guys wanted to know if I will be able to fit 18x9.5 on the front and 18.10.5 on rears on the 98 prelude both with a 22 offset. I will be rolling my fenders and what tire size you recommend I kind of want a bit of stretch. Thanks for the help.
  2. 5th Gen
    My whole inside of the car has condensation leak, and my carpets are soaked, I don't know where it is coming from.
  3. 5th Gen
    My brother asked me to do his radio in his 5th gen I have the speaker wires all figured but I can't find a proper wiring diagram. The only power wire is the white and yellow which I believe is accessory but I don't have a constant any help please
  4. 5th Gen
    My friend has this wing on his Prelude and I have been looking to purchase the same one, but I cannot find it anywhere. I've heard it might be an 8th gen type R rep wing from ABS dynamics but I don't see it on their website anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knew what this wing actually is...
  5. 5th Gen
    Hey guys, first time on the forum. I own a 5th gen 2000 lude and my front suspension on the drivers side has the coil loose and my right side dampens too much and grounds out. I cannot find a front coil over assembly anywhere. I’m located in ottawa, Canada. Any help would be much appreciated!!!
  6. Exterior/Styling
    I have a set of Genuine Honda 5th gen headlights. Very well taken care of and look great. ALL 6 mounting Tabs are still there!! No damage. $115 shipped.
  7. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    5 Speed Shifter assembly, Shift Cables, Shifter, Trans Bracket, Boot & Knob. With all hardware. All in good working condition. All out of a 5th gen 5 speed. $115 shipped.
  8. 5th Gen
    So, I really appreciate the OP of the service manual for the 5th gen. Hella thanks. One thing about the pdf that just drove me crazy sometimes was that the "Find in page" feature on pdf reader apps can't read the pdf for some reason. Sure there were bookmarks but the manual itself has so much...
  9. 5th Gen
    Hello, I’ve had my 5th gen Prelude for like 3 years now, due to an very bad oil leak it had through the rear main seal and cause I didn’t took care of it right away a couple weeks ago engine died, I has a JDM H22A on it. I want fix it and also make some improvements to it but honestly my...
  10. 5th Gen
    An Aussie with a 99 h22z vtir 😖auto😔 Bought a vms crank pully they say it's good performs better, some agree and some strongly disagree. I currently have a bigger pulley ( which id assume is heavier ) to the one it replaced. From a 98 I think, which I didn't realise till I had to put the belt...
  11. 5th Gen
    Extreme TL:DR : Manual 5th gen Type SH. Cranks, won't start. Sat for a year. Packed with snow after sitting. New battery. Full timing job done. Ignition wires and spark plugs replaced. Good spark, compression and fuel. Can hear fuel pump prime. No check engine light or codes. Check engine light...
  12. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
  13. 5th Gen
    hello! I am looking to build a k swapped 5th gen prelude. I found a 5th gen for 1500 bucks that the timing belt broke in, so I will likely purchase it and put in a k series engine if I can. I've seen a few people with k swapped preludes, and there appears to be a 4th Feb mounting kit, but I'm...
  14. 5th Gen
    So im trying to put a new radio in my 98prelude but im having a problem on power it seem to no be getting power at all but ive checked all th e fuses and on the radio but still no power.!! What do you guys think the problem can be????
  15. Write ups & How tos
    I am super new to PreludePower and any sort of forum as well. If I am posting about this topic incorrectly, please let me know. Thank you. After looking around the site for quite a bit (maybe not enough who knows) for any sort of help on choosing and installing aftermarket steering wheels/boss...
  16. 5th Gen
    Hello everyone, i have a 2001 5th gen with an H22A4 and it died in February. It wouldn't crank or start, i changed the starter, nothing happened. its an automatic so when i took off the stater i noticed that the torque converter had its welds broken and its gears grinned. Went ahead and changed...
  17. 5th Gen
    Hello just bought a 97 prelude 5th gen looking for a grill for the front haven’t had any luck anywhere else pretty new to forums as well
  18. 5th Gen
    Okay so here's whats going on, I recently bought a 2000 Honda prelude, kid said he had the head rebuilt and that's all, he couldn't get the car to run, I managed to get the car running after fixing the fuel pump relay, noticed engine had a jumpy idle, couldn't rev past 4k ram, replaced all the...
  19. 5th Gen
    Ok so 5 months ago i bought a 2000 prelude base model has 220000km now. Car was running rich so ive replaced both of my o2 sensors and this was 3 weeks ago. CEL came on today, saying misfires on cylinder 1,2 and 3 and there was another one i think it was P1399? so i replaced my spark plugs today...
  20. 5th Gen
    Hello! I have a 1997 Honda Prelude base model and it has a not loud but audible tapping noise coming from the top;front of the engine (I’m pretty sure). I don’t usually deal with the inside of an engine so your help would be greatly appreciated. I tried to capture the sound as best as I could, I...