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5lug conversion

  1. Help me clear this up. ( 5lug questions )

    4th Gen
    I'm about to do the 5lug swap on my car, I know you can use the 5th gen knuckles but.. I'd like to press the hub and new bearings into my 4th gen knuckles, because I have band new ball joints. I'm also going to use 5th gen axles so I do need that washer to space the axle. Has anyone else...
  2. Wanted 5th gen 5lug conversion

    I am looking for -5th gen non-SH front knuckle with hub assemblies -5th gen rear spindles with hub assemblies. -5th gen calipers and brackets. -front wheel bearings if they are in good condition. -and 4 more lug nuts. PM me price+shipping Also if the front wheel bearings are f^ed up then its...