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  1. Introduction
    hey im kinda new to this website but i have been looking for some help on my prelude, for starters i got a 91 2.0l prelude. pretty much ive been looking for what kinda of engine my prelude has. the vin says i have a b20a7 but the engine number says its a b20a. im just a little confused on what...
  2. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    5 Speed Shifter assembly, Shift Cables, Shifter, Trans Bracket, Boot & Knob. With all hardware. All in good working condition. All out of a 5th gen 5 speed. $115 shipped.
  3. Builds
    I've had my 1989 Si (5 speed) for a few weeks now, and I'm documenting my restoration on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to watch and let me know what you think! The car was owned by the same family since new, and it had 226,000 miles, and was nearly 100% stock and original! The only...
  4. 4th Gen
    Hey guys, My 93 4ws is undergoing a 5speed swap and I'm trying to decide what to do about my AT gauges. I have a 96 MT parts car for the swap and it has the EL gauge too, but also has 80,000 on odometer compared to my current 120,000 on the 93. (I don't want to swap engines yet, cuz I went...
  5. 5th Gen
    hi here my deal i seen a for sale or trade 1999 prelude link: but he said the automatic trans is giving up or have some trouble . my confusion issue is are all 5th gen is obd2 mean base and sh model since h and f is the same can i use...
  6. 5th Gen it's happening; finally ridding my Prelude of the SS Autotragic transmission. I will begin gathering parts in May and once I get everything I need to do the swap, I will assemble a team and we will knock it out. Before I begin on this epic journey, I just wanted to run a few things...
  7. 5th Gen
    Hey all of you speedfreaks & gearheads everywhere...I just joined, but have been visiting this site since may when i bought my 'lude. I was wondering if anyone has ever reduced the final drive or the 5th gear in the trans so that the rev's would come down a bit when your makin' "good time" on...
  8. 3rd Gen
    Is anybody have an extra or going to sell theirs please contact me. [email protected] 1-765-914-2140 Cell Richmond, IN Please Help I can Purchase
1-8 of 8 Results