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  1. SRV 4WS??

    4th Gen
    Hi, Recently bought a 95 srv and since there is not a whole lot of information out there on these cars can anybody tell me if the SRV model came with 4WS? I know that the US has seperate si-4ws and vtec models from the online owners manual, but cannot find any further information. From what I...
  2. 4WS Wont stay on.

    5th Gen
    As the title. It wont stay on. Works in reverse slowly. Wont work if I then go forward more than 5mph. I get error code 20 on the 4ws light. error code 20 is this: 20 - Electrical Load Detector - P1297 (low input), P1298 (high input) Questions: 1)is the 4ws error code actually an error code...
  3. WTB: 4WS Locking Tool

    Since nailbender hasn't logged in since December... does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with?
  4. stock/factory front suspension parts

    3rd Gen
    i have a 1990 prelude 4ws and I need to pull the frame, I need to replace the right lower control arm, steering knuckle, and front radius arm asap. the problem is I cant find them anywhere on the east coast. if anyone can help me find new or used it would be greatly appreciated
  5. Prelude guy from Colorado

    Hey everybody, I'm new here but I've been into these cars for a while. I currently own a 93 Si 4WS with a JDM H22a swap and M2B4 transmission with factory LSD. Working on brakes to get it safely back on the road again. Did the larger VTEC front rotors and calipers conversion, along with braided...
  6. Hello from Atlanta! My Black 1991 SI 4ws

    I've been reading the forums here for a while, finally decided to register. Bought my 3rd Gen a little over 3 years ago had no idea how much I would come to love this little gem. Pretty much stock and same with a GIANT stack of maintenance records from the Honda dealership from the second...
  7. 4ws rack and pinion alignment

    3rd Gen
    hi everyone im new to preludepower, this is my first post. i love coming to this website and reading all the threads because it is very useful for me and my 'lude. i just finally decided to join in on the fun. i have a 89 prelude with 4ws, for over a year now. i recently had to change out my...
  8. 92 Prelude Amber Corners

    4th Gen
    Hello PP members I had a question in regards to 4th gen headlights. I've owned my prelude for about 6 years and never once did i see the amber corner lights of the headlight turn on. Now i have jdm replica one pieces every thing is fine wire wise. I looked on online and some people say they are...
  9. 3rd Gen_ My 1989 Prelude si 4ws Diary

    This is for my car that i want to give a true love and care.... I want to share the progress that me and my prelude will soon to accomplish current info: 1989 Honda Prelude Si 4ws Red color with white leather boss hub kit OH-08 W/ momo steering wheel and pretty much stock.... and here how...
  10. 4WS swap started!

    3rd Gen
    So after about 2 years of wanting and waiting, I FINALLY saw a 4WS come to pick and pull. So after 8 hours of pulling it apart in the heat I walked away with my full 4WS system with all pieces needed for 68$! Love it when the front desk has no idea what it is and has to listen to me. Heh...
  11. power lock door panel swap question.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, so I HOPE I'm not asking an already asked question, however I couldn't seem to find anything on actually swapping power lock door panels. All I could find, was installing universal power locks, which doesn't really help me. So. Has anyone done this before? I was at the wrecker today...
  12. Fuzzy Green Status 2013

    3rd Gen
    Background: Yes, I still have my 91! The black '90 parts car is gone though, all parts were taken and the car towed away (for free! I got the city to pay for the car removal). Last September I purchased a new fit as a commuter car. It sucks and was a big mistake. I plan on selling it and putting...
  13. Help! Knocking Sound in Rear Suspension of '91 4ws

    3rd Gen
    I'm new here. I've been lurking for a while, and have always found the answers to any questions I have had about my car, until today. I have a '91 lude with 4ws. It's got around 300k miles, and has been a great car. Lately (last couple months) I've been hearing a clunking/popping sound in...
  14. 4WS Conversion from 95 H23A1 to 92 H22A1

    4th Gen
    I am fairly new to the Prelude game, but not to Honda's. I just recently aquired a 1992 Honda Prelude Si with an H22A1. I also have a 1995 Honda Prelude Se with the H23A1 and 4WS. What my question is, is how, if possible, can I put the 4WS from the 95 into the 92? The reason being is that...
  15. 3rd Gen_ Builds-The-Fire's 3rd Gen Progress Thead

    Current picture of the lude MODIFICATIONS: Exterior: -BB6 front lip -JDM Rain guards -JDM power folding mirrors -JDM BA5 convex mirror lenses -JDM smoked amber corners -Fog lights -HID bulbs -CSA Globeline 13 inch wheels -Windows tinted to darkest legal level -Antennae delete w/ genuine Honda...
  16. F/S 3rd Gen: H22a1 Swapped 91 SI 4WS $3300 obo WI

    Cars For Sale
    Up for sale is my H swapped 91 4WS. Its got 194k on the chassis. Power locks, power windows, power moonroof (no leaks) all work. Interior is overall pretty clean aside from broken fan control knob and missing cover for rearview mirror base Mods include: motor and trans from a 95 Si VTEC Chipped...
  17. 1992 Si 4WS Full 5th gen SH steering/suspension swap w/pics and info

    4th Gen
    The Intro Skip to posts 2 and 3 for the nitty gritty ;) Alright so many of you may not know who I am. My name is Nick! I'm very active with the northwest preludes and share a lot of information on the facebook page but I haven't spent much time here on the forum. Hopefully that will be...
  18. WTB: Requested parts for a 1989 Prelude

    I thought I would give this forum a try. I am looking to get several parts for my Prelude. I am looking to acquire the 4ws 4-way connector and the additional hose that transfers powersteering fluid to the front rack and pinion. Also I would like to acquire an armrest if anyone is willing to part...
  19. grinding when turning at low speeds

    3rd Gen
    fairly new to the prelude game, ill try to be as descriptive as possible for yall 1989 prelude si 4ws when taking turns at low speeds i hear a grinding noise from underneath the car, it will do this weather im taking on first gear, second or in neutral. i originally thought this only happened...
  20. New to the scene New to Honda

    3rd Gen
    Hi all I was recommended here from the honda tech forum Just picked up and old Prelude for $900 i was going to just flip it, until i took it for a spin up in the mountains and realized how much fun she is to drive. the car is a 1989 Prelude SI 4WS, so far this weekend i had to replace its...