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  1. WTB: WTB: Red SRV

    Hello, Looking for a red SRV 4th gen located in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada. Willing to extend my search to Oregon and Washington state Thanks, Mike
  2. 4th Gen_ My 1995 Prelude Si Story ;)

    Hey i'm fairly new to preludepower and figured i could write up a quick brief history of my ludey. beginning - I got her from my bro and he had her for about 10 years before handing over to me. She was really clean and had: -AEM cold air intake -DC sport headers -DC rear strut -17" ADR sokudo...
  3. Anyone parting out 4th Gen?

    4th Gen
    Need both fenders and master window control switch. Prefer local (91770 area) but hit me up at 6262623712 and let me know what you have.
  4. Aprelude tribute

    4th gen prelude tribute
  5. will coilovers from a 5th gen fit on a 4th gen?

    sorry if this has been answered , but i've searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer so i finally decided to post a thread to find out. my friend sold his 5th gen and is going to give me the zeal coilovers he had on it, but i have a 4th gen so i don't know if they'll fit. can anyone...