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  1. H22A1/M2B4 LSD trans 4th Gen

    H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    I’ve never even thought to type anything in a forum. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I started this journey with Honda had began. I’m short, over time, I’ve acquired information that I just couldn’t find at all or, wasn’t in one thread so, I’m going to try and smash as much into something, as...
  2. Unsure of ecu and injector compatibility with h22a4 in 4th gen

    4th Gen
    Ok so i know i need h22a1 injectors to match the p13 ecu for obd1, but i am unsure of which injectors exactly will work with the stock p13 ecu without running lean or rich. Ive found several injectors for sale on website, but i am not sure if they will work with the p13. I believe these are the...
  3. F20a to F20b swpa

    4th Gen
    This might be a stupid question. Im planning to do engine swap to my lude when i have resources to do it. I want to swap my current f20a4 to a f20b bluetop so my question is this: does they share same engine mounts or do i have to fabricate new mounts or something? Thanks!
  4. On a si h23a1 Can you replace the oil pump with the sensors

    4th Gen
    I’m rebuilding a si 4ws motor h23a1. The original oil pump is without the sensor port. The engine rebuild kit they sent me has an oil pump with the sensor port. Can I swap the oil pumps? Will the cover fit or anything I need to modify? Or is it fine to use either pump even if I don’t need...
  5. H23a Low Idle, Surge at low RPM

    4th Gen
    So I have just completed the swap of a h23a into a 95 prelude and am having some issues getting it to run right. First off, it idles extremely low. It does not surge, just when it is cold starts at like 1k then works it way down to around 500. The bigger problem is while driving at lower rpms...
  6. obd1 obd2 oil pump question

    4th Gen
    I've read a lot but haven't seen this direct answer.I'm new to ludein and Hondas in general but I'm in love. so I did an accord swap first time out in the Honda world. just an f22 swap to f22 everything went well. I was getting ready to do the h22 swap into it. But I recently found a 4th gen...
  7. 4th Gen Wheel Picture Thread

    4th Gen
    Firstly, I know similar threads exist but not quite the same as what I am trying to accomplish here. I have found myself in a predicament of being a novice when it comes to wheel fitment and have found buying used wheels for my 4th gen with the right fitment to be an absolute nightmare. I...
  8. WTB: WTB: A LOT OF PARTS! JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Hello, I'm looking for a lot of 4th gen and some 5th gen parts. Willing to pay top dollar for mint-near mint condition parts. 5th gen JDM door sills 5th gen JDM Mugen exhaust (100% JDM perfer but altered after King motorsports will be acceptable) 4th gen JDM yellow foglights with everything...
  9. 4th gen keyless entry system

    Car Entertainment and Security
    hello this is my first post and i hope im in the right section. i am looking for information on a 4th gen keyless entry system. i have the key with the button and i have the door handle with the sensor. what all other parts are involved in the system? how does it work? anybody got a diagram or...
  10. What To Look For In A 4th Gen ?

    I'm looking to get a 4th gen Lude any tips on what to look for and what to look out for? Also any help with beginner mods to put in?(Any help would be great)
  11. H23 engine oil dipstick problem- please help!

    4th Gen
    First time posting on here. Hope I'm doing this right :? Anyway, I have a '93 Si, and it burns oil like no other. Yes, it has 207k miles, but it was a one owner before me, an older woman who took excellent care of it, and the engine shouldn't be going yet.. I've seem them get 250-350k or more...
  12. 4th Gen_ High Comp Boosted DOHC F23 build (nonvtec)

    Hi guys, my name is Mitch, I'm from Barbados in the Caribbean... EDITED with changes and parts Enough about me, here's the story of my rhd JDM 92 prelude Si; Bought the car in November 2014, an ok shell with a cracked sleeve DOHC F22b engine. I will clean the car up nicely however, the...
  13. Honda Prelude 94 4th gen 2.3i auto tuning advice

    4th Gen
    Hey guys im fairly new to forums so my bad if i screw any of this up! i recently bought a 1994 prelude 2.3 auto 4ws and i absolutely love it! it has a full japspeed stainless exhaust on it at the moment i know stock their around 160bhp if im not mistake? im just really interested in making it...
  14. Lude Newb from South Africa

    Last weekend I bought my first Honda. I've always been a fan of the prelude, and of Honda in particular. I ride FMX on a Honda CR250R, and have a pocketbike with NSR racing graphics, I'm also looking at a CBR for my next purchase. I paid R32,000 ($2,812) for my 1992 4th Gen Prelude Si...
  15. Prelude guy from Colorado

    Hey everybody, I'm new here but I've been into these cars for a while. I currently own a 93 Si 4WS with a JDM H22a swap and M2B4 transmission with factory LSD. Working on brakes to get it safely back on the road again. Did the larger VTEC front rotors and calipers conversion, along with braided...
  16. S2K Cluster In 4th Gen?

    4th Gen
    Hello, I'm interested in installing a AP1 cluster into a 4th gen SRV but I'm having some trouble finding all of the information. I've contacted Mark at marklamond website but its been four weeks and I haven't received any word yet. May someone please point me in the right direction? If it's...
  17. N/A Mild, Budget build with lots of torque

    4th Gen
    Hey guys Ill be turning 18 here this month, and I want to do a mild budget build on my h22a vtec euro-r which I have on a engine stand. I want to do it right and learn at the same time. I would like to build my torque up rather than horsepower. The bottom end is solid and clean. I want to do...
  18. WTB: 4th Gen Prelude SRV H22 VTEC

    Hello, I'm sick of my ugly POS 5th gen. I crossing over to the dark side. I'm looking for a 4th gen Prelude SRV, H22, VTEC Must be in Red, I prefer a slightly darker red then bright red Must be clean, no rust, some mods are welcome but stock is always best I guess. Must be located in the lower...
  19. Backup fuse/Fuse #4 (not reverse light fuse)

    4th Gen
    I've seen quite a few topics on this on multiple different forums, as I've been trying to hunt this problem down for about three weeks Long story short, if you have this problem all you need to do is Unhook your O2 sensor. You can leave it in the manifold until you replace it but just Unhook...
  20. New to forums/how i got my car

    Like to just start by saying my name is Tyler. Pretty much got into the honda game with my current car, the third car I've owned and second I purchased. I bought this after seeing it as well as a few other cars in Vegas. By the time I got the,the first car I was going to check out was already...