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    So my fuel/temp gauge went the other day and then my battery ended up dying because of it. I know this was the cause because I unplugged the unit behind the dash and now it holds charge fine. I bought a new fuel/temp gauge which is 100% working, installed it, and it wont light up :( Any...
  2. General
    Don’t bully me for my stupidity. I had a wrench laying across both battery terminals for ~2 minutes before I noticed. The car was still hooked to the battery when it happened. Since putting the car back together I can’t get it to start. No power going to the fuel pump. I’ve replaced the main...
  3. Work in progress

    Work in progress

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  5. Interior super clean.

    Interior super clean.

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  10. 4th Gen
    My key sometimes gets stuck in the ignition and I have to remove one of the battery connections to be able to get it out. I have 4th gen from 1995 does anyone else have this problem and if so how do I fix it? Is it something with the anti-theft or do I need to get my ignition and key redone?
  11. 4th Gen
    I just changed my alternator and stripped the bolt at the bottom. I dont want to have to take the whole engine back out if I can. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the bolt without taking the whole engine out?
  12. H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    I’ve never even thought to type anything in a forum. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I started this journey with Honda had began. I’m short, over time, I’ve acquired information that I just couldn’t find at all or, wasn’t in one thread so, I’m going to try and smash as much into something, as...
  13. 4th Gen
    Ok so i know i need h22a1 injectors to match the p13 ecu for obd1, but i am unsure of which injectors exactly will work with the stock p13 ecu without running lean or rich. Ive found several injectors for sale on website, but i am not sure if they will work with the p13. I believe these are the...
  14. 4th Gen
    This might be a stupid question. Im planning to do engine swap to my lude when i have resources to do it. I want to swap my current f20a4 to a f20b bluetop so my question is this: does they share same engine mounts or do i have to fabricate new mounts or something? Thanks!
  15. 4th Gen
    I’m rebuilding a si 4ws motor h23a1. The original oil pump is without the sensor port. The engine rebuild kit they sent me has an oil pump with the sensor port. Can I swap the oil pumps? Will the cover fit or anything I need to modify? Or is it fine to use either pump even if I don’t need...
  16. 4th Gen
    So I have just completed the swap of a h23a into a 95 prelude and am having some issues getting it to run right. First off, it idles extremely low. It does not surge, just when it is cold starts at like 1k then works it way down to around 500. The bigger problem is while driving at lower rpms...
  17. 4th Gen
    I've read a lot but haven't seen this direct answer.I'm new to ludein and Hondas in general but I'm in love. so I did an accord swap first time out in the Honda world. just an f22 swap to f22 everything went well. I was getting ready to do the h22 swap into it. But I recently found a 4th gen...
  18. 4th Gen
    Firstly, I know similar threads exist but not quite the same as what I am trying to accomplish here. I have found myself in a predicament of being a novice when it comes to wheel fitment and have found buying used wheels for my 4th gen with the right fitment to be an absolute nightmare. I...
  19. Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for a lot of 4th gen and some 5th gen parts. Willing to pay top dollar for mint-near mint condition parts. 5th gen JDM door sills 5th gen JDM Mugen exhaust (100% JDM perfer but altered after King motorsports will be acceptable) 4th gen JDM yellow foglights with everything...
  20. Car Entertainment and Security
    hello this is my first post and i hope im in the right section. i am looking for information on a 4th gen keyless entry system. i have the key with the button and i have the door handle with the sensor. what all other parts are involved in the system? how does it work? anybody got a diagram or...