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  1. Hello from Southwest Missouri!

    Hello everybody! I am a 16-year old male from Southwest Missouri, and I am a proud owner of a 1989 Honda Prelude Si (Automatic though...). I purchased the vehicle by recommendation of my buddy, Evan, who owns another Honda vehicle, the 1996 Del Sol. My car doesn't have the most incredible of...
  2. 3rd Gen_ My Red 2.0S B20A3

    Hello PreludePower, here's my B20A3 daily driver that I bought on December 31st, 2012. Back when I first got her: First pic sent to me from the original owner at 162k before purchase: My car as of September 8, 2014 (wasn't washed in this pic): Exterior: '90 2.0Si passenger foglight with...
  3. daily driven third gens out there?

    3rd Gen
    hey i know many 3rd gen owners are enjoying the summer weather with their lude out, but my question is.. who in the past couple years (2010-present) drives their third gen everyday, or uses it as their DD? have had mine less than a month and curious add more info like what you do in prep for...
  4. Searching for Si States Rear Badge

    3rd Gen
    Si States Rear Badge I went over to the Japanese garage today and they could not get me my SIStates badge because all Si Versions were discontinued. It hurts down inside because I see the residue outline and nothing to fill it, I have the most rarest of 3rd Gen Preludes (maybe of all of them)...
  5. Power steering install Help is much needed

    3rd Gen
    Ok so as some of you no i just bought my prelude 4 weeks ago for 300$ so with that price came some problems the one im about to adress now is the power steering. The guy i bought it of took it out , one i dont no if my car will pass inspection with out it(89 prelude si), two i have to admit its...
  6. Lips and catbacks

    3rd Gen
    I was wondering what kind of lips will fit the 3rd gen lude. Will 4th gen prelude wwrs lip kit fit? I would like the mugen...lip but which one fits the most? Plus with the catback..anyone that fits? Gosh, seems like so much customizing for this gen, thankyou!