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3rd gen.

  1. WTB: Requested parts for a 1989 Prelude

    I thought I would give this forum a try. I am looking to get several parts for my Prelude. I am looking to acquire the 4ws 4-way connector and the additional hose that transfers powersteering fluid to the front rack and pinion. Also I would like to acquire an armrest if anyone is willing to part...
  2. Help

    3rd Gen
    On my 3rd gen, the car shakes when i hit 70mph+ could this be from tire wear? or suspension?
  3. front tower bar?

    3rd Gen
    where can i find a front strut tower bar? is there a way to make one? i heard i can get one thats made for a older teg that will fit our 3rd Gens.
  4. Problem with lowering.

    3rd Gen
    so me and a buddy took the front drivers side rim off to install coilover sleeves :spinface:.well we tried to take a bolt off the strut with a socket, and with my luck it wouldnt budge. so we tried a impact wrench, still nothin. then after a hour of trying we said screw it before we broke...
  5. Will so called "Chips" Work for our 3rd Gen.?

    3rd Gen
    when i first bought my prelude i decided i wanted more power, so i bought a short ram intake and a N1 exhaust. everything was good, then i was lookin on ebay and found one of these performance chips so i bought it and installed it . well what do you know the check engine light comes on and no...