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  1. 3rd Gen
    So I just bought my Honda prelude 5 days ago and I love it, but I was going down a really bumpy driveway at night and hit a deep pothole and now there's a hold in my oil pan. I'm currently trying to patch it so I cam get around, but I need to find a new oil pan. I've looked online but can't seem...
  2. 3rd Gen
    I just got a 1988 honda prelude(automatic) and the issue im having with it is that it has a hard time starting but I think it might be the battery or the carbuerator but im not sure. The second thing is that when I try to put it in drive the car stalls, im pretty sure it has somthing to do with...
  3. 3rd Gen
    I'm doing a h22 swap on my 3rd gen prelude, I got the engine but it came with a blown auto Trans (didn't want automatic anyways) but I found a 5 speed out of a 98 prelude he says it's out of a base model. My question is how do I tell the difference between the sh and base model Trans. I rather...
  4. 3rd Gen
    I tried unplugging the TPS but it didn't do anything I'm not sure if there's a stock nap on the prelude or not but I have no CEL and I was just cruising down the highway and then all the sudden it started bogging under anything more than feathering the throttle if you feather the throttle you...
  5. 3rd Gen
    Im aware of all the typical coilover options for the 3rd gen. Really not trying to spend a grand +. Does anyone have any coilovers for a gen 3 they would be willing to sell? Or any suggestions on middle of the road coilovers for one that im not seeing? I refuse to go with cheap ass ebay options.
  6. 3rd Gen
    Changing the timing belt atm and the service manual's first instruction is to remove the side engine mount attached to the timing cover as pictured. Is it OK to take it off and leave it off for several days without jacking/lifting up the engine? There seems to be a bit of engine weight on it...
  7. 3rd Gen
    I have all working lights on my prelude, brakes, blinkers and headlights but all the gauges on my dash are dead, I have engine light and others but not the green light for my gauges. I have triple checked all the fuses. I did change a indicator stalk recently would that be the cause?
  8. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys I don’t have a prelude…but I do have a front end swapped civic with prelude spindles, I have searched far and wide trying to replace a 3rd gen hub, the inner diameter of the bearing is 1.65 ish, and I was wondering if there a hub I could swap or is comparable, or if there a 3.071 wheel...
  9. 3rd Gen
    Is it a common occurrence for the front trunk gutter corners (closer to the front bumper) to rust out? Secondly is there a lip on the gutter that protrudes upwards? And does anyone know of a source for new trunk weather-stripping/seals?
  10. 3rd Gen
    I've spent about and hour looking through this forum and websites and cant find anything except for bushings, does anyone know where a I can purchase stiffer sway bars for a 1990 Prelude 4WS? And are there any other sway bars that are compatible? (accords or universals ect) Thanks.
  11. 3rd Gen
    Hey everyone. Currently working on the following build for my 91 Si. B20a5 block bored to 83mm, and decked to raise compression. B21a1 crank, rods and pistons, ACL main/rod bearings, factory oil pump, b18b intake cam, b21 exhaust cam, port and polished intake/exhaust ports, as well as intake...
  12. 3rd Gen
    Okay. ignore the new account I've been here before but forgot my old password. Anyways the fog lights don't work. I checked fuses, checked bulbs and they weren't black they looked new, connectors were NOT corroded or rusted, and I did the write-up on how to rewire the fog lights to come on, and...
  13. 3rd Gen
    Get Back What You Have Lost: Gas Mileage, Speedometer and Odometer function ~ check this out ~ Enjoying The Ride 😁
  14. 3rd Gen
    any solution? I want one but have no idea where to find. LEDlogo or doesnt carry to fit 3rd gen. if someone can make I can commission.
  15. 3rd Gen
    Alright 3rd genners. Ive scoured these forums and other honda forums for weeks trying to learn about these things. "They're super complex and finicky dont mess with them" "they're just motorcycle carbs lol" pick one. Ive went through the manual diagram of the carbs and they look fairly similar...
  16. Write ups & How tos
    Hey ludests, I pretty stumped right now I am replacing my alternator and I’m almost done taking the old one out. The alternator through bolt is stuck and can’t get passed through the PS Pulley. Is there any quick way to get it off? I tried to rotate it to see if there a space where I could pass...
  17. 3rd Gen
    Hi, I just recently just picked up a 3rd gen prelude, and it's missing the climate control knob. If anyone has a spare or doesn't want theirs please let me know!
  18. 3rd Gen
    I just got my turbo 3rd gen running Android driving. When I am under boost the dash mounted bost gauge reads 10psi. While the hondata records 1.1 psi from the map. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  19. 3rd Gen
    Hey everyone! I’m having a problem that’s becoming a big pain with my lude. When I go to crank the car up it will either start right up or the start will be really hard. I either have to pump the gas pedal a lot or if I unplug the fuel pump then plug it back in it seems to run fine. I’ve posted...
  20. 3rd Gen
    Im looking for a reliable place to order a body kit for the prelude. I've looked at and but im just really not sure where to order from. Im new to the whole car scene and really don't wanna get ripped off with damaged parts or shipping issues any advice would...
1-20 of 92 Results