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  1. EMERGENCY - I need rear tie rod ends for my '91 si 4ws ASAP!

    3rd Gen
    Hi All, I have a problem. I just got my new rear tie rod ends from Rock Auto (MAS T059585) they were the only ones I could find and the MAS part # is the right alternate part # for Honda part # 53550-SF1-004. After everything I went through to get them, long story, don't ask, take my word that...
  2. Shitty MPG and High HC

    3rd Gen
    So here’s the deal. I got a 1988 Honda prelude 2.0Si fuel injected and I’m trying to smog it but it keeps failing on the HC portion of the test. Keeps blowing 9-35 points too high. I took apart my whole air intake down to the back of the engine and when I put it back together I got 25mpg. Then I...
  3. Need a little help

    3rd Gen
    I'm about to send my 91 to get a head gasket done (b20a5) and I'm wanting to do a turbo build, what parts should I do aswell as I'm doing the head gasket. I know a decent bit about cars just not on what parts should I change.
  4. Manual 1988 Honda prelude 2.0SI 4WS H22A Swap Questions

    3rd Gen
    Hello, My name is Noah. I had questions before I get a H22A engine to drop in my manual 1988 Honda prelude 2.0Si 4ws. I was going to just buy a whole manual 2000 Honda prelude SH with a 2.2L Long Block H22A Vtech engine. I wanted to know since I have the whole car with it’s harnesses and...
  5. Looking for muffler ideas

    3rd Gen
    3rd gen owner looking for something exhaust wise. Right now it’s completely stock and looks like Swiss cheese. I figure if I’m going to fix it why not upgrade. (Since you can’t buy stock anyway) and looking for ideas. Looking for growly not raspy if that makes sense. Not a big fan of the typical...
  6. 3rd gen hood adjustment

    3rd Gen
    Hey so I just got this new cf hood for my 88 si and the old hood sit just right but for some reason I threw this one on and it is flush on the passenger side with the fender but there is like a half an inch gap on the drivers side and it is about half am inch away from being flush when the pop...
  7. Looking for a 3rd gen in LA area

    3rd Gen
    Looking for a fair 3rd gen Honda. Looking for a daily driver
  8. Spark plugs on 2.0 dual carb

    3rd Gen
    I need to change the spark plugs on my 3rd gen. Its the SOHC dual carb engine. Does anyone know how many spark plugs it calls for (I am assuming 4) and are there any write ups on the install that you have come across? Thanks in advance
  9. Power loss, gauge failure, and it won't start

    3rd Gen
    I bought a 91 prelude si two days ago, today on my way to work the gauges started to act funny and then all of them died, shortly after my cluster stopped working I began to lose power and the car wouldn't ago above 20 mph or so. I pulled off to the side of the road, turned it off and now it...
  10. My prelude's safety item(1)(2)(3)

    3rd Gen
    MY PRELUDE'S SAFETY 3 ITEMS. ・Hazard switch on + brake lamp ・Trunk lid Open ・Back
  11. Polyurethane bushing kit for a 3rd Gen?

    3rd Gen
    Replacing all the bushings on my old, worn out prelude and I can't find a kit online for my car. Does the 89' Prelude share a suspension setup with a Civic/Accord of the same year? Feel like I could find those a lot easier. Either way I'm looking for bushings and can't find them, any suggestions?
  12. Honda paint codes

    Hey folks, new guy here. My first prelude is a 1990 4WS 3G, EUDM, so it has the b20a9 engine topping 140PS. I just picked it up and I am super stooooked! But nothing is perfect- at least not yet! Someone has hit the front bumper on it. Its an easy fix, but i will need to respray it. The...
  13. 13 kinds of a lot of connectors !

    3rd Gen
    13 kinds of a lot of connectors acquisition for the switch / meter base connection in total! As a result of checking it in the investigation for the purpose of "the security of the spare meter" in case of the emergency badly by operating, and identifying it as "the operation confirmation of the...
  14. The hazard switch Flash processing!

    3rd Gen
    Everything is the making. The hazard switch lights up dimly simultaneously with lighting up of a small lamp.When the hazard switch is pressed, it lights up fully in spite of on of the small lamp/off. It was made only for complacence perfectly...
  15. Rattle under hood between 1800 - 2300 rpm

    3rd Gen
    Hello 3rd Gen. and other prelude experts, Desperately wondering if anyone has ever heard of the (I think it's the B60A-5 engine in the 3rd gen Prelude Si's, 1989 to be exact), with a buzzing or rattling somewhere under the hood that occurs when the engine is running (load doesn't seem to...
  16. 「cruise control main switch led conversion」

    Write ups & How tos
    I changed illumination for LED from an electric bulb with changing the main switch of the Cruise control to the USDM specifications. Furthermore, the letter of "CRUISE" converts it into red, too. (it is an orange with the image, but, actually, is clean red.) But I do not emit light by a...
  17. 『REAR PANEL GARNISH 』 with EL Lighting System It's Japanese genuine option!』

    3rd Gen
    『REAR PANEL GARNISH 』 with EL Lighting System It's Japanese genuine option! It is official name "Rear panel Garnish" of HONDA adopted in the first-term first half year by a model. An EL element is incorporated and emits light in clean green in Small on. If I am not mistaken, this should...
  18. Car is shaking violently when coming to a stop or idling after warmed up. (B20A)

    3rd Gen
    I have a 91 Prelude that has the B20A engine. (It is a 2.0SI non 4WS) I sent the car to get the engine rebuilt due to the car smoking excessively. After i got the car back the check engine light was on and i checked the ECU for the code and got a code 12 which was EGR related. I check my EGR...
  19. Prelude guy from Colorado

    Hey everybody, I'm new here but I've been into these cars for a while. I currently own a 93 Si 4WS with a JDM H22a swap and M2B4 transmission with factory LSD. Working on brakes to get it safely back on the road again. Did the larger VTEC front rotors and calipers conversion, along with braided...
  20. WTB: 3rd gen handbrake surround w/ seabelt warning plates

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find the interior piece that surrounds the handbrake, with the red seatbelt warnings, preferably in grey plastic. I know it's a US option, so I don't mind paying to have it shipped over here to Australia.