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  1. 1987 Prelude Si restoration

    2nd Gen
    Hey guys new to the forums but been on several Facebook pages for years. I recently found a 2G that hasn't been started in 20 years has title and was given it for free. I got it fired up for the first time last week obviously it ran a bit like shit I was really hoping to find a 2G guru on...
  2. My intro

    Hello, I am new here, I was a mazda 626 cb2 owner and now I have taken over my brothers honda prelude xx 2G... it is my #1 priority to build it up to be the best looking prelude. the prelude needs a lot of love at the moment.
  3. B series swap on a 1986 honda prelude

    Write ups & How tos
    I have a 1986 Honda prelude with, what I think is a A20a3 motor. Knowing there isn't much aftermarket support for the A series motors, I was considering doing a B series engine swap. I found some innovative motor mounts for the 86-89 honda accords. would these motor mounts work with the 86...
  4. hi all from the little isle of wight

    Thanks for the add everyone. My names sean. Im new to the forum. Just bought a 2nd gen 1985 lude on 37k with possible carb problems. ( seen it posted on here from last year) (car in profile pic) just wondering if people know where you can get wheel arch repair panels or similar ones that...
  5. 3rd gen sunroof fit

    2nd Gen
    The sunroof glass on my 2nd Gen is cracked & I've found a 3rd Gen that someone is wreaking. So I was wondering would a 3rd Gen sunroof fit in a 2nd Gen?
  6. Tidy up engine bay

    I really want my 2nd Preludes engine bay to be reasonably tidy. It's still a road car so I don't expect it to be show car quality. I'm on a fairly limited budget. So any ideas? Ps it's dual carb
  7. 2nd Gen - 1984

    Hello, I'm driving a 1984 Prelude. Also restored a 1983 Civic S. I look forward to chatting with other Honda enthusiasts! Spencer in Iowa
  8. Plexiglass sunroof

    How hard would it be replacing the normal sunroof glass on 2nd Gen with plexiglass. The sunroof glass is already cracked and the Prelude needs to get a road worthy certificate again. Also how much weight would be saved?
  9. Supercharged A18

    Forced Induction
    I was wondering if there are any superchargers for an A18? Costs don't matter really. I'm wondering whether I could buy one or whether I would have to get a custom made one. Also if I do this, it will be in the distant future when I have put an LSD in it.
  10. 83 camber?

    I've been reading on these forums that the 2nd gen (83) Preludes have adjustable camber in the front wheel from factory. Is this true? If it is, is it for positive camber or negative camber or both?
  11. Draining Coolant

    2nd Gen
    I'm trying to change out my thermostat on my '86 lude, and I have run into my first little glitch. Should be super easy... To replace the thermostat the Haynes manual says I need to drain the coolant. Cool, no problem. But step 5 under draining the coolant says this: "After the coolant stops...
  12. Project Saving 2nd Lude -85

    2nd Gen
    Hi! I bought this Lude few months ago for a "little" welding and tune project. So car is Prelude 2nd -85 model with Accord 2.0 A20 engine. Engine will change maybe at future or maybe with little boost of crouse :evil smile:. I paid this car for 400euros . When i bought this Rear brakes was...
  13. Lowering my 1985 dx

    2nd Gen
    Hey everyone! I have a 1985 dx that I am starting to autocross. I'm looking for lowering springs for my car but it is tough to find for the 2nd gen. Does anyone know if lowering springs for a 3rd gen work for my car? I did a little bit of research and found that they were both the same chassis...
  14. down hill dog's front bumper lude

    2nd Gen
    So I went on his profile to ask him what kind of bumper he got on his lude, but he hasn't been on the forums for a while now. Can someone tell me what kind of front bumper this is and is that an 86 Integra lip?
  15. 2nd Gen Intermittant no electrical, HELP!

    2nd Gen
    Hello everyone, I've got an 87 Si nearing on 400K. I drive her 100 mi/ day to and from work. Every once in a blue moon the car wont start (no dash lights, no crank, nothing) I would just cycle the key a few times and she'd go. I was planning on replacing the ignition switch to fix the problem...
  16. rebuild A20 or swap h22 non-vtec rebuild

    2nd Gen
    EDIT: a18, not A20 is what we have Hi guys, I've done a few posts and lurked alot. I've read stickies and posts til I'm crosseyed but I'd like a little specific input from those of you who know what our 2nd gen engine options are. We have an 86 prelude dx that we race in an endurance series...
  17. 24 hours of lemons in a prelude

    2nd Gen
    Last weekend, we took our 86 Prelude with and 87 DX motor that had a mostly removed or reduced vacuum & emissions system to our first 24 Hours of Lemons race in BFE, La. We showed up a day early to track test the car since it had seen very little driving for a number of years. After 3.5 track...
  18. compatible trannies for 2nd gen 2.0 si lude automatic

    2nd Gen
    does anybody know what other honda trannies would work with an a20ax motor? automatic preferably at this time. thanks
  19. tranny problems, help

    2nd Gen
    what up luders? i just got my 1st one a week ago and the tranny just started giving me probs. the car is a 1985 prelude si 2.0 auto, when i first start to drive the car it shifts into gears pretty harsh, and at a high rpm. after the car is w/in normal operating temps. when i accelerat from a...
  20. please help!! 85 prelude smoking

    2nd Gen
    hi i have a 1985 prelude that was running pretty bad when i got it but once you got it warmed up it would run good.. now all of a sudden is smokes really really bad. its burning oil when i go. idk what it is. i was told maybe the valve stem seals or something. any ideas? thanks,