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  1. 5th Gen
    My whole inside of the car has condensation leak, and my carpets are soaked, I don't know where it is coming from.
  2. 5th Gen
    Can anyone please give me the wheel specifications for a 1997 Si Prelude. On the bb5 chassis. Currently has stock wheels but I need specifications so I can look at getting larger rims. I tried to check online, but couldn't find any, would check the car but it's not with my currently. Thank you!
  3. 5th Gen
    i know that it was made there and its going to have the language, but my engine bay fuse box is in friend just recently bought a 98 and his is in english.his box has an a next to the fuses and mine is a j.i know it stands for american and japanese, but why does mine have it and not...
  4. 5th Gen
    In the market to buy an SH with bad motor and trans or shell. Anyone know if a 97 SH (H22A4) will swap into any SH model. I read somewhere that after 98 the mounts and undercarriage slightly changed. Im sitting on a good motor and trans and am looking for a swap. Will drive and transport across...
  5. 5th Gen
    Ok..on July 4th I was on a 2 hr drive and on my way back, my car jerked almost like I had hit a pothole or something in the road. Note the lude was set on cruise. Maybe 30 minutes later, i felt it again. Kinda concerned now. So I get home and get some money to run to the store and it starts...
  6. Exterior/Styling
    I have a passenger-side (right) headlight complete off a 95 Volvo 960 (fits: 1995-97 960, 1997-98 S90 & V90.) Comes with working bulbs and the side shroud. Its a DEPO headlight, glass UNCRACKED and clean, plastic parts/mounts good. Nothing to worry about with this one, just take off old/broken...
1-7 of 7 Results