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  1. 4th Gen
    I’ve had fuel pump problems before, but that time it was because my starter signal fuse was blown. After replacing it, fuel pump primed right up. This time around, I had replaced my alternator, and after turning the key to ACC position, I heard a faint almost weak fuel pump prime. And ofc wanted...
  2. 4th Gen
    I've seen quite a few topics on this on multiple different forums, as I've been trying to hunt this problem down for about three weeks Long story short, if you have this problem all you need to do is Unhook your O2 sensor. You can leave it in the manifold until you replace it but just Unhook...
  3. Exterior/Styling
    I have a passenger-side (right) headlight complete off a 95 Volvo 960 (fits: 1995-97 960, 1997-98 S90 & V90.) Comes with working bulbs and the side shroud. Its a DEPO headlight, glass UNCRACKED and clean, plastic parts/mounts good. Nothing to worry about with this one, just take off old/broken...
1-3 of 3 Results