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  1. WTB: 78410sf1506 speed sensor for 1991 prelude

    Do not have anybody speed sensor "78410SF1506"? I was living in Japan at this time is not my own, but is a request from a friend looking for something "new". Speed sensor is pretty ago production was stopped as the not found! If postage is less than $ 180. Someone have a message. Thank you in...
  2. Hello Everyone!!

    Hey all! First off, hello to all you internet people. I turn 16 at the end of October (Alberta Canada) and have spent the last couple months looking for cars. I came across a beautiful 91 Lude that I instantly feel in love with. The only problem is that it is about 3 1/2 hours away from where I...
  3. Possible Electrical Fault

    4th Gen
    Hey everyone So I was driving my 1991 (JDM) Prelude home from a weekend away and when I hit the motorway my dash went a bit crazy. The speedo dropped to zero, the sports light started flashing and the check engine light came on. The cruise control may have also disengaged but I'm not 100%...
  4. 91 Prelude CEL maybe code 41 - video

    3rd Gen
    I have a 91 Prelude Si 2.1 and my check engine light came on today. I am pretty sure it is a code 41 but I am not certain so I am going to post a video of the blinking and hopefully y'all can give me your opinions. Thanks
  5. 3rd Gen_ 91 Prelude Si California Turbo Build

    I will be putting in a built B20a5 shortblock with a B21a1 head and intake, then a turbo system. I will post explinations as I go. As I build or mod, I will post photos. I will try to be as comprehensive as I can. Like it, hate it, you decide. This all-stock 91 California car is what I am...
  6. Intake Cam Stuck

    3rd Gen
    Alright i have a 1991 Si b21a1 completely stock. Tore down the motor for rebuild and now on the final steps. Just went to do torque down the intake and do valve clearances but the darn thing didn't want to spin. I turned the motor so hard i ended up jumping 3 teeth on the intake. So i took it...
  7. My 91 Lude

  8. 91' prelude b20a5 Build

    3rd Gen
    Alright so this is the thing, i got the visuals down, everything already in order to be done, but i need to build this motor and not sure were to go with it, turbo or n/a ? and whats good to put on these for power. Already has an intake, and minor exhaust, i need some help with this and if turbo...
  9. Will a B20 bolt right up too B21 Motor Mounts?

    3rd Gen
    My 91 lude has a blown B21 so i gotta drop a new motor in it but i dont want another B21 cause all its done is give me problems and the one i have was really weak. So im wondering if one, will the motor bolt right up to the stock mounts? and also if i can use the B21 tranny since the B21 is...
  10. OBD II H23A swap?

    3rd Gen
    what do you have to do differentaly to put H23A OBD-II into a 1991 prelude? Can you do it? will AZ race swap mounts work in H23A? go into detail on everything that would need to be done diferentaly in order to do a complete swap.
  11. East Coast 3rd Gen

    New to Preludes all together. I received my 3rd gen as a gift from a family friend. A 1991 Prelude Si Blown B21a1 very generously included. :skull: Immediately had it replaced with another cheap high mileage (173K) B21a1 at local-Foreign-specialty shop to get things rolling. The interior is now...