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  • H22sOWN ·
    Hey Mr. Jedi! I feel the same way...except for I've been on the site since April 5th 2007. I don't post much on here but I'm NEEDING tail lights badly but I don't have enough posts. Although the minimum post requirement is quite a bit higher than what I'm use to, it's there to protect the side from douche bag spammers or people that will sell anything. Eh. I guess I can wait...although my tail lights are in REALLY bad condition. :(
    danny_d19 ·
    lol deleting whore.. I haven't heard that one before. If you could only see the type of threads I have to delete, a lot of them are like yours. I didn't make the rules, and I didn't make myself a moderator. I was chosen and asked to do so, so I make sure people follow the rules that were agreed upon my the admin and the members. The post minimum to make a FS thread is 100, it's not rocket science if you ask me.

    If you want to get butt hurt about it, be my guest. You didn't follow the rules, so it was deleted. Sounds pretty standard to me.

    I wasn't implying that you have post whored, I'm saying don't plan on whoring your way to 100. I tell that to everyone, not just you. Have a good day :D
    xtreemjedi ·
    I don't post whore, and I won't. It seems to me from reading the 3 pages of comments on your profile that you're a thread deleting whore, but whatever. I've been on the site since April when I bought my Prelude and I make perfectly sound posts. I even made a how-to thread on flushing coolant. The only reason for a post min is so people don't just sign up and start advertising. It's taken me almost 6 months of being on the site to get this many posts so I think it's obvious that's not what I'm here to do. Anyway thanks for being a punkass stickler and obeying the letter of the law and not it's spirit!
    danny_d19 ·
    The 100 post minimum rule is in place for a reason. I don't understand why you would think that even though you don't have the minimum post count you could still post a FS thread? Makes no sense.

    When you have 100 quality posts, you can make a thread in the FS section. Post whoring just gets deleted. It doesn't take long to get 30 posts, but be smart about it and give some positive info over the next few days/weeks and you'll be good to go.
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