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  • iphone6s ·
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    Monte ·

    I just bought a B20A4 lude (first car!), I live in the UK so as you can imagine oem parts for these things over here are sparse and pretty much any performance bits are from the US.

    Looking through your intake thread and I love the design and the way it looks, it would be perfect on my car..

    I'm interested in buying one if you're still manufacturing them?

    However if you're not making them anymore perhaps you could give me a few tips on how to make my own..?

    Thanks in advance.
    Type-R ·
    Hi there, I noticed your one of the few people who have experience with the A3. I was cerious My friend just had the head gasket replaced and now the car stumbles/loses power and feels like its going to stall at low engine speed anything bellow 2500rpm but after it runs and drives fine almost feels like its bogging with fuel. Sitting at idle it want to die out ocassionly idels at 400rpm. Reverse works fine no problems smooth idle and engagement. My feelings is the vacuum lines were connected improperly or maby the wrong thermostate was installed may aslo be carbs out if adjustment if you have any insight it would be muchly appreciated. 1989 standard B20a3 new water pump, alternator, head gasket.
    FatalONE513 ·
    a long time ago you responded to a thread "Dashlights not working..helpeth mee!" 10-19-2007, 10:57 PM. Well I have this same issue - installed a radio and hooked up the illumination wire in error. Tail light fuse blew and dash/interior lights out. Got tail lights back but have now dash lights. Do I have to replace the ECU behind the passenger side kick panel? were you able to figure this out? I know this was a long time ago - but thanks
    4lvin ·
    Would blocking off the air suction valve on the B20A3 via a block off plate net the same result as removing/plugging the piping coming from the exhaust manifold?
    4lvin ·
    It's still connected to the valve. Perhaps that is the culprit of the hissing? I will try plugging it before driving to see if it'll get rid of the noise. Would you still have the time to make any more intakes for purchase in the future?
    TripleLude ·
    No I am not familiar with any hissing noise. I've not tried modifying the stock airbox tho. With the intake plate and K&N filter, I did not have any hissing noise.

    Did you plug the hot air valve vacuum line, or leave it connected to the valve?
    4lvin ·
    Hi Joe, I did an airbox mod on my intake by cutting the sides off and leaving the clips and bolt to hold the IAT sensor on. Is a slight hissing noise normal from the intake during throttle? I asked Frijoles about this and he said it's fine but I'm just curious about why it does that now.
    TripleLude ·
    Hello All,

    I've been out of the PreludePower loop for a little while and my PM box is 100% full because my premium account expired and I can't afford it again, sorry about that. Thanks for the positive comments. I am the kind of person that wants to help out and make productive use of my time. Often, I take on more tasks than I should, and sometimes ask for nothing in return. Today, I must ask for a little something from everyone.

    (read more below...)
    TripleLude · is in need of donations ASAP! is a website I built to host the 3rd gen Prelude service & repair manual. It took me countless hours of chopping up PDF files and coding the HTML/CSS and doing it on my own. I have received some donations in the past to support the site (which I am thankful for), and I have paid over 85% of the website costs out of my own pocket.

    (read more below...)
    TripleLude ·
    In 2 months (December 2013), the domain name will expire and will be gone unless we can all donate to keep it online. If you go to the website, on the home page there is an official Paypal Donation button. Please go there and donate $5 or more if you can. If each member on my visitor page donates $5 right now, we will have enough to keep the site online through 2014+. The more time/months/years we can buy at once for hosting and the domain name, the lower the price will be for us.

    (read more below...)
    TripleLude ·
    At a minimum, 12 donations of $5.63 ($67.56) will keep alive for the next year. The reason I say it like this, if I can only get half of the donation money, I have to transfer the donations to another account and combine it with my personal funds before I can purchase the hosting and domain. Paypal takes around $0.50 for small funds transfers of ~$5.63. I would rather use the Paypal Donations account from PreludeBible to pay in full so I can avoid any account transfer fees when I make the payment for website hosting and domain.
    TripleLude ·
    As for the PGM-CARB intake plates, I will try to find time to make a few of them. I could really use the money right now, and some of it will have to go to hosting. Luckily, I already have the materials at my disposal. My current job is commission-based and I don't make very much, yet I always work over 40 hours each week. On the weekends I do side jobs like fixing cars, AC electrical, assembling warehouse shelving, unloading shipping containers, and whatever I can find to make a little bit of money.

    Please donate today. I will personally confirm your donations via email ASAP.

    Thank You Kindly,
    [email protected]
    Acharya ·
    Dear TripleLude,

    My Name is Santhosh, from Germany. I am 22 years old and own a hampshire green metallic, carbed Prelude with A/T since last year... As this is my first car, I am so happy with it. I am having so much fun driving it every weekend on the highway.

    I accidently came across this page and read all your posts and threads now.
    You are just amazing!!!! I am so glad, I found your thread about carb adjustments. It helped me a lot to fix some minor carb issues.

    I just want to thank you at this point for putting so much effort in your threads.
    I can imagine a lot of people annoying you with questions and requests to give some good advise... but even knowing that, I just have to ask you, whether you can answer some questions concerning my carbed prelude...


    4lvin ·
    I have the same request as the last two people before me, I'd like a carb intake as well lol do you still make those?
    UsaFa5K20 ·
    I am interested in your custom intake for dual carb ludes. I have a 1990 S with a b20a3, will this fit? If so, i am interested in buying one asap! Thank you for your time. Also will i need to make anyother adjustments? I.E carb or anything I cannont pm you because your mailbox is full lol
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