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  • KAOS_2.0SI ·
    Yeah its losing the head gasket as we speak. Is this an open or closed deck block? Also, where do you think I could source a solid copper head gasket for it? As of now I've retorqued the head twice and flushed out the coolant system and ran some liquid head band aid for the time being. Also the small fans motor is toast so I've jacklegged some wires to manually connect the large fan to the battery till I can get some aftermarket fans for it. The problem is the head seems to be getting hotter than the rest of the engine. Probably bits of graphite gasket and liquid bandaid starving the head for header. Aside from needing a more permanent head gasket and better fans, the rest of its problems are just 20 year old rubber issues. Boots, hoses, and as a result, cv axles...

    Thanks for the input

    Ps: which engine is the 160ps engine?
    KAOS_2.0SI ·
    Hey, I've been lurking around the site a bit and between the wiki and what I've read here I can't seem to figure out exactly what the alpha-numeric engine designation os for our 86 si. it's the 12v SOHC PGM-FI 2.0. I'm was thinking it was just a B20A (as opposed to the B20A5 in the third gen) but what is the designation for the 12v as opposed to the 24v jdm gold top? also, is the american 12v engine 158hp like it says in the wiki? if so then what is the benefit really of the gold top, other than further tune-ability in the future?

    also, if there are any major failure items on our engine that I should know about before they become disasters that would be great. for instance, is this a clearance engine? or does it slap valves in the event of a cam gear failure? and how are the water pumps in them?

    thanks for any info, figured I'd ask you since you seem to have the exact same powertrain as mine....
    danny_d19 ·
    Hey man, I saw you had a part out thread. You wouldn't happen to have some stock black 3rd gen door sills would ya? If you do or know where I could get some, let me know!
    TimO ·
    thanks prash. i enjoyed the meet!! met alot of people and i think our cars got soem good attention
    ruttinbuck06 ·
    I changed the speed sensor this morning. That was not the problem. I bet your right about the tranny seal. But it will have to wait till next week working all weekend. Found out something you may know. Remove one of the lines going to speed sensor & plug it off & find a small or short pice of hose & put on speed sensor & plug it & you have 100% power stearing.
    ruttinbuck06 ·
    Hay TimO ruttinbuck06. Got about 2000 miles on a20a3 rebuild put new seals in tranny. I know i dont have power stearing lines in the right place. But it keeps leaking oil out were the cv axel goes in the tranny. Any ideas
    prowlingprelude ·
    hey bro, i talked 2 my stepdad, and stuff, he said ok, but i noticed on the passenger side in the back seat there's a slit, it's mostly clean but could be sewn, so their not mint, but other than that their ok if you still want to make the trade im game
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