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  • durdinman ·
    Hey i've been doing some research and your the man when it comes to hondas and was wandering about the honda immobilizer. I have a similar problem. 97 honda prelude with stock motor will start then die within a second or two. what wires can I connect together to get to run? the car has a cheap alarm on it also. this is not my car but a good friends. when i hook a scanner and go to datastream, immobilizer status is BAN and if it is working then it should say RUN, but no green blinking light. I was thinking that maybe alarm is disabling car to start, any predictions?
    redline5101 ·
    Hey my friend, I have seen some of the info you posted on the Preludes immobilizer. I have been battling the same problem for a few months now. In my project I have the engine in, opted for a p28 and still cant get a signal to the starter. I started and ran the motor today, jumped battery to solenoid, but cant make the immobilizer jump. You had gray to lt blue in a post at one point. If I am correct, that is the clutch in switch sensor to the ignition out on the out side of the immobilizer? I was thining of jumping from the switch itself to the starter relay, a blue and red wire to the light blue, think it might work? Have anything further? I am dying to get legs again and I found you to have the best advice on the web. Any advice would be3 appreciated.

    P.S. We share the same birthday.

    stereo ·
    First off I didn't reported your crap, second you didn't offend me you if you read you own post it was directed at me! and if you want to be a man don't act like a kid with a chip on his shoulder.. as that is the way you came off in there and why they shut it down.
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