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  • pIERCE ·
    Yeah man, that's good to hear that you're both keeping yourself busy with important shit! Hope the Prelude and Evo are doing good. Keep in touch, keep drankin' and stay cool--the both of ya! :biggrin:
    pIERCE ·
    Where and the hell have you and beaner(I honestly forgot her name....:laugh: ) been!?! You two used to always be posting funny and cool shit.

    Hope all is well.
    xxfallacyxx ·
    If we're talking every little bit counts, why not just remove the thing and put the $200 towards a power gaining mod. :D
    Sd_h22a ·
    stone brewery just released this years vertical epic. if you have a bevmo near you check if they have it. shits delicious. interesting turns in it. belgian ale that they threw chamomile and even assortment of grapes from a local winery in it.
    Rebel_360 ·
    Hey i noticed you said you said you knew a guy in the army named cisneros? were you stationed at fort lewis by any chance?
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