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  • pIERCE ·
    Soooooooooooooooo, yeah when are you comin' back to do your 6-spd swap thread? I mean that would logically come after a 5-spd swap thread.
    rdm08 ·
    Woodland Hills here, work near Ktown..well, where do i start lol
    as far as tranny issue, i'm hearing grinding noise..i'm wondering where to get parts locally(rather buy it direct, been burned before on craiglist..)btw 2001 base auto. thanks!
    Mahusay3g ·
    I just gotta get internet, Im waiting on comcast, worst case scenario, I gotta get clearwire. Its just hard, i moved into the country, so I just gotta get service thats all.
    Li0nHe4rt ·
    Hey mate, i read your thread about the manual conversion and i gotta say its a great help very well done! I am in the later stages of planning a manual conversion on my 5th gen due to the auto box pretty on its way out. Just wanted to ask, after the conversion is the car meant to function just like it was a legit manual car? are there any differences that i need to be aware of in terms of how the car will function or drive? Have you encountered any problems afterwards as a result of the conversion?


    dre2day ·
    Hey I finally replied to your pm about the mainshaft for sale. Hit me up so I can take it off your hands.
    BlkLUDE5G ·
    yessir it is! lol - i got hit a few times and im saving for a full paint job so me and my buddies figured we'd have fun with it while it was in shit condition.

    all rattle can and its not even sanded or anything but for the half assed, free-handed job we did a surprising amount of people liked it
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