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  • JayDee2G ·
    cant send pms yet mate!

    Thanks man, it was already colour coded when I bought it, prev owner must have done it. I know what you mean about the contrast, I perefer black bumpers but witht the beige colour I think colour coded really suits it, kind of looks more classy. The lude does see the rain but i've coated it in 4 coats of autogleam SRP and 4 coats of harly wax, pure carnuaba wax so the weather never gets near the actual paintwork!

    Great work with your ludes by the way, your a Prelude institution :top:

    Im in Manchester by the way. Do you have a spare inside cover for the rear light cluster? One of mine went walkies and its annoying, every time I put something in the boot I worry its gonna damage the bulb holder
    RRacer57 ·
    where is you ignition timing for the a20 with the a18 head with a delta 272 cam grind and what octane fuel are you using? i have the cam setup with stock timing marks
    rjudgey ·
    I doubt you'd have to go bigger than that my engine is running a 272 cam, with a really nice exhaust setup, and the mods to the induction, seems to suit it really well had the same size before the cam too. If you had all the same as me and the bore size increase then maybe go with 2mm :)
    chughart2010 ·
    ya thats where i got the 1.9mm size was from that thread i just wasnt sure how big i need 2 go with the block being so much bigger but thanks man ill just play around with them whenever i get everything 2gether
    chughart2010 ·
    hey man, i have a question. im boring my a18 block out 2 fit 82.7mm pistons, how big should i drill the jets out in the stock keihin carbs? i dont have the money right now for webers or i wuld do that lol

    so if you could help me that would b awesome!
    thanks man,
    lude72 ·
    i'd like to see your lude i like a20 alot. be for i had an lude a had a bunch of 3rd gen hb accords
    JDM86lude ·
    hey dude wats up long time no talk ,
    im about to start my build for the jdm b20a, i need u to list all internal performance parts for it, either in here on a thread or pm me,
    like where do i find aftermakrket pistons, rods,wats interchangable, where do i find high strength main bearings ,rod bearings, where do i find good cams performance, where do i fiund all of the interanl head parts ,
    please help im doing a high na street build , thnx dude
    rjudgey ·
    There the same thread size as your old ones but to be honest i don't know what the lengths are, i've taken the whole thing apart and all the bolts are mixed up, although being the largest shouldn't be too hard to find them so i can give you some measurements when i get some time to sort through them i think they maybe in my workshop which is about 45 mins drive but i'll be down there at weekend so i'll pick em up and take home with me. These import places are bit annoying they keep bugger all like this and i bet they have lost the little brace that go's on the front of the block and bolts onto the gearbox as well!!! Check with NZ-BA1 and 3GVC they may know the sizes too and they'll probably have some spare they can send you.
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