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  • DjSnooze ·
    Hey professorZ,

    Would you happen to remember the tire size on those MB Battles 17X9 +30 you test fitted?

    They just looked so great on your car :)
    Preludedacris ·
    Hey professorZ, I am checking through the entire Low OFFset thread and Love the way your wheels sit flush. Can you tell me specs on your tires and wheel size?
    nicsta09 ·
    Saw pics of your car on POTM back when I first bought my lude, and just so you know I'm totally aiming to steal most of your look haha jk love the car man.
    dtt02278 ·
    i yellow lamin-x my fogs and signal lights. then i found you already did the same before me and won pot... nice
    H22FREAK ·
    im really interested in the underlip you have on ur p1 lip. i would like to know how you did it, or got it? don't know much about it so plz lemme know. i would like to do the same to mine too. thanks
    99showner502 ·
    hey wats up man i just got some new rims and tires and i am still hearing this thumping noise as my wheels are turning and i thought it was the tires but i guess not.. Wat could be causing this noise when i go faster the noise gets faster and you can hear it more when i am going slower... Could it be my rotors rubbing maybe
    Shimee ·
    Nah, I ended up doing it myself and it came out looking ok. I'm going to be removing it and making an underlip using some brick/pathway edging.
    Shimee ·
    Need moar pics of garage sealer lip on stock bumper!! I want to do the same but can't decide if I wanna do it.
    Shimee ·
    Damn, I'm liking the whole yellow theme you got going. I was going to do my calipers yellow at one point too but I decided to go with glossy black as yellow would clash with my red-H center caps. :D
    borcth ·
    your pm box is full:

    so 700 even? do u have AIM? also, i guess i can send you the money via paypal. How do i go about doing that? lol

    Um, i dont want the shrouds painted black. Just leave them silver/chrome. Also is there anything i should be aware about them as far as installing. Ive never had an HID kit or installed them. Doenst seem hard really.
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