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  • 247shuer247 ·
    Both fogs still work, 1 looks rusty. for both 65$ + shipping or 40$ for 1
    Turns are clean no fogging no cracks completely clear, 75$ for all 4 so to clarify i mean the turns
    and the front park lights, or 25$ for a single and 40$ a pair.

    if still available can you do 100 for the 4 turn signals and the fogs?
    Grimprelude ·
    hey mane just wanted to let you know that the stuff showed up and i got the cluster installed next is the fogs and left you good feedback. thanks again!
    3rd_gen_lude ·
    10 psi and it still rolls out. lol. Ive looked around and and found a place selling sr's and rb's for roughly the same price but I know the rb needs more work in order to sit in the bay. If I do get that 240 its gonna be a project, plus I found an s14 close to me and the girl says it needs a maf sensor and a windshield. She wants 3k obo, prolly offer her 2500 to start with.
    3rd_gen_lude ·
    WHats new with the 180?
    I might be getting a pig nose hatch for 500 with a flawless interior soon. Has a blown motor so its a perfect canidate for an SR or RB swap.
    MeyerMan SI ·
    i know it lost lol it ewas a stock sr20 and the cobra had a edlebrock intake smaller pull and full exhaust. stating my point they are fucking quick. if its a true 180 that is sexy as hell. i aint buyin his car because shit is startin to mess up or i would. if i wasnt build/boosting my car ide buy this one about a hour from me for 8g's it has tomie 260 cam i think gt28i7r dual ball bearing turbo 3" full exhaust walboro fuel pump and the hook up running 17 lbs.
    ben_deez ·
    If you got a couple of blank messages, sorry.., and also I might of sent you a message that I thought was for someone else.... I'm helping several people, and it gets a little harry sometimes.... sorry
    bb6rico ·
    well lol the rsx is a shell and im almost done with it the prelude just needs a rebuild and it will be good lol dude and i had a hatch i just sold it yesterday lol ill post pics as soon as i can
    3gB20 ·
    You should have either gotten them already or they will be arriving within a few days. Did you check with your parents? Because thats where they got sent to if I remember correctly.
    Johnrb ·
    I'd defnitely be up for a meet..
    Going to be interesting with no AC though
    last few times i was up there it was hot as hell!
    Johnrb ·
    Haha right on the money!
    I used to live in Surrey and now im in the city..
    Do you know of any more local forums for us?
    other than Revscene
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