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  • ultrasonic ·
    hi there, can you help me?

    I need: (sunload sensors, ambient air temp sensor, blower motors speed controller, Cabin air temp sensor)

    if you still have it?

    mikeschmeee ·
    When you click your photo on flickr, it should load to a new page with just the photo and a small photostream preview near the bottom right hand corner. Once you are at this page, there should be a couple buttons on the top left of your photo that you clicked. It should say ACTIONS and another button beside it. Click on the second button. It has a little black arrow that points down. Once you click it it'll say "Grab the HTML/BBCode" and right below it is a bunch of gibberish. Copy that gibberish and paste it into forums or any other website that accepts BBCode or you can copy the HTML code. You can choose which one you want to copy as there is an option right below the code.
    I hope that made sense. I'm horrible at explaining things. It's much easier to show you rather then trying to describing it.
    Hope this helps.
    JDLUDE99 ·
    Then get blue!! also try and find tan floor matts, and a tan carpet then dye them blue to match the seats =] no one has blue interior
    n8r4d3 ·
    Hey there, saw some pix of ur lude in the Blue Preludes Unite section,
    Ive been thinking of doing the SiR conversion on my EBP lude which it looks like youve done, do you have any pix of ur setup i can look over for ideas? your car is ultra clean, im loving the supermarine blue. :)
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