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  • chughart2010 ·
    the modded engine I have (a18 bored to 82.7mm with the a18 head[80mm combustion chamber] somewhat of an exhaust system, removed vacuum lines, egr deleted, no air box, drilled main jets in the carbs) is quite a bit more powerful than stock and feels pretty torquey as well.

    if I were to put a better exhaust system on it and put a cam in it and delete all the useless vacuum lines it would have even more power.
    chughart2010 ·
    I was lucky enough to get a drill bit down there to drill a small hole and get a screw to go into it and pulled the screw. just like it says to do in the manual but I didn't remove the carbs (if I remember correctly its been a while since I did it lol). I basically adjusted the carbs by ear listened for the rubbly roughness of the engine to change went past the smooth part to get me some what of a base to go off of.

    it was kind of a tedious task but it runs a lot better and does seem to have a little more power. if I put a mild cam in it it would run even better and have more power.

    I also removed the jets of the carbs and drilled them out to allow more fuel in to compensate for the increase in bore size which is y I had to adjust the a/f ratio lol in all honesty if you can afford it, just put webers on it lol so much easier to tune and a lot more reliable/less temperamental than these keihins
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