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  • neonxiii ·
    Hey, Just wanted to give you a heads up that we have a fairly strict signature / avatar policy when it comes to partially nude females. As much as its sexy, your signature needs to be taken down/changed. Thanks!
    99showner502 ·
    hey man i really need some help. I have a toggle switch in my dash board and it goes off and on it isnt hooked up to anything and has two wires coming from the back of the switch. I am trying to hook the switch up to my fog lights which arent hooked up just just a red and black wire coming from the back of the lights how do i hook the lights up so i can control them by a switch?
    RedLuder89 ·
    Hey man..anything else I gotta worry about when its comes to doing the H22 auto swap..You are the only person that I know of thats done iit on this
    96luder. ·
    yeah, when i get back home a few of my buddies, basically our crew, is getting together for some photos, so i'll go ahead and have my camera man take a few extras of my car, other wise, if you wanted to, you could always check it out on my i forget if mine is set to private or not, but if so, just add me and check them out, got a whole folder for my baby :) and still more pics to come...but yeah, i'll try to let you know more soon...i don't return to the states for another 3-4 days, so when i do, i'll get on it about the pics...
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