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  • HPrelude89's ·
    I had to leave the state on business without warning and didnt get ur parts shipped before i left. Will message you as soon as i get back with a tracking number. Thanks for ur patience
    handballallday ·
    :considered: hmmmm not much to say really. I mean i only bought it cuz my pops bought a S2k......HAHA. And i learned how to drive stick in pop's S2 last Feb. so i said to myself i gotta have my own little convertible. If i have gotten my own S2 i'd be broke joke so i opted for a much cheaper roadster.

    i definitely wanted flippies so since i love oldschool. I bought it last Feb. for $4200. It's a 91 and had 59k miles at the time. Honestly i hardly drive it. It's my weekend ride cuz i drive my 4th gen M. It's purely stock. Just dropped, front & back lip, side skirts, Racing Beat exhaust, hardtop and a few others things mostly for looks cuz i don't care for power or speed. The funny thing is pops drove my Miata and he thinks it's fun as hell. Even though i love driving his S2, i still love my Miata and will prob keep it forever.
    ScubaSteve82103 ·
    It's certainly coming along. Hope to get the harness hooked up to the motor Saturday as well as drop it in the bay. Sunday the plan is to have some wiring help come assist. Monday-Friday I need to work out all the other little stuff. Still don't have a PS line. Need to figure out what I'm going to do for the speedo (probably just keep the cable going to my 88-89 cluster) If I get called in to work it's all scrapped though and I'll have to hold off a bit longer.
    trowe2 ·
    So I made my decision concerning swap or rebuild. I've decided that I'm not going to do a swap right now, and that if I do anything it will be a rebuild for reliability and not so much for power.

    So I will either do that or buy a new lude all together. If I buy one, it will have to have 0 problems and must be well taken care of. There is a 4G in Alcoa with H23 head, F23 block with 15k on the timing belt and 35k on the clutch. I may go look at it because it is in emaculate condition. I've also seen a few 5G's that are in really good condition that I would gladly drive as well.

    But I will keep in touch and I will let you know if I don't buy a new car.

    P.S. if I buy a new car, I will be looking for a good home for my 3G.
    trowe2 ·
    But it is a civic haha. Why are you so picky about the specs man? You going to race it? At least it is a decent year of civic, before they got all wheel basey and safety oriented and screwed up its handling.
    trowe2 ·
    That is the ugliest car I have ever seen. Please put the prelude heart in something prettier please.

    Is that spray painted black? Plasti dipped cars even look better.
    ludahaze ·
    lmao I guess ill label everything when Im sober (step one) step two will be remembering how to be sober while working on a car...hmmm ;)
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