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  • JayDee2G ·
    Sorry man I've not had chance to get on here with work & my new house. Hope you still got the front badge, I got payment ready & waiting. Can you confirm you still got it, & is the price in USD or British pounds. Will send paypal payment when I hear back from you. Thansks.
    rcs666 ·
    hey man, shits come up, not gonna be able to buy that trunk from you. the lude started overheating, pretty sure its the head gasket. need to focus on that. again, my bad.
    rcs666 ·
    dude thats awesome! I guess i'll go with the spoiler, as long as its from an 88 or an 89, i found out the hard way that the 90 and 91 dont work lol. but when I get paid on monday I'll paypal you
    Sydewynder ·
    Ok I gave up on my paypal since its screwed up. Thankfully, A friend of mine offered to let me pay you through his PayPal. Do you still have three 4ws badges and are they still $15 shipped? If you do I will pay you before Monday depending on your reply.
    87lude2.0 ·
    How much? I live in Minnesota and I got a ET2 motor and a A2K5 tranny will that motor slap into the tranny... and how many miles my tranny's got about 80K
    JayDee2G ·
    I've found a concerto badge for cheap mate, waiting on delivery if it doesn't fit I'll take yours I'll let you know in a few days. Yep just the front. Is that price in uk pounds?
    Sydewynder ·
    How much for 3 badges shipped? I will pay you next Monday because I spent my paycheck on new struts and shocks and won't have enough till then. Thank you!
    xvinx87 ·
    Hi JDM86lude,

    I live in Singapore, so including the shipping to Singapore it will be 175 USD for the Water pipe, thermostat housing and 1 pair of power side view mirrors?

    Also since you are in Thailand, perhaps you have more access to parts than I have in Singapore. Im also looking for a few other parts to replace in my engine as was wondering if you have them.

    11301-PH3-000 COVER, R. SIDE
    b20a4 oil pan
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