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  • surflewis ·
    I appreciate your "untangling the spaghett" post. I am rebuilding my stock carb on my '85 and am considering your solution to the mess. Will I lose any gas mileage with this mod? What minimum vacuum lines are required? I'm thinking:
    1. 2 lines for distributor
    2. 1 for heater
    3. idle control solenoid valve (A/C idle boost)
    4. throttle opener
    5. inner vent solenoid valve
    6. main air jet solenoid valve
    7. air bleed valve
    8. 18 and 20 on choke
    9. 7, 11, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25 (all on carb itself)

    Am I close? Your pictures of finished mods looked way cleaner than this.
    gtsylver ·
    Do you have any updated pics since the spaghetti incident? I pulled a bunch out but I don't think I capped everything off properly it dies out and will not idle. so I had to put it all back in. If no pics any suggestions?
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