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  • Tian ·
    Hi fellow Prelude owner!
    I've stumbled across a gen2 digital dash for sale, and I understand from an old PP thread that you own 2?
    Do you know if they are plug'n'play with the Prelude 1.8 EX?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards
    aearch ·
    george where do i post the wheels for sale the 2nd gen classified is closed
    and there are other for sale items in gen 2nd gen
    199lives 1 ·
    that red prelude u posted with the lip any more pictures of it is sexy as fuck looks like mine well i want mine to look like lol that and lip where can i get it is it a cb7 lip or some thing elese and i run a jdm page on insatgram and i want some pictures of it i have a lttile opver 1300 followers atm
    rainbo55 ·
    Hello Prelude owners and my day I owned about 6 Honda Prelude's...I no longer own one..but I do have a complete 1987 Honda Prelude Si MOTOR and TRANSMISSION that I pulled from my last Prelude that I has a little over 117,000 miles on it and has been setting for about 7 years...thought maybe someone on here would be interested in it. I couldn't find another Prelude to put the motor in.
    rice_cracker ·
    Hey George whats going on man? Hows the married life treating ya? Haven't heard much about the Lude lately? I wanna know whats going on with the gold beast ;) I know I've been pretty quiet too - just tryna direct things from another state...
    rice_cracker ·
    Hey George, what's up my man? Been quiet lately on the forums? I'm just starting to get really involved again. Engines at the shop now, and in the middle of installing the auto climate system / navi / digi dash /and stuff :D Hows your gold beast? Need to see some updates :D
    88SE Lude ·
    Never used the Legend calipers myself, I use NSX calipers.
    The bracket I use is the stock NSX carrier bracket, the 4G VTEC Lude or Legend carrier bracket would work.
    chedda_j ·
    I dont think you need to register with the website to actually pay for the items, but I try to get all of my customers to join just add members.
    fmn716 ·
    ok thats fine, can I just pay to your paypal address that would be much easier for me instead of registering on your site ?
    chedda_j ·
    Let's work at one set of bushings at a time. Once each set of bushings is completed, you can pay me in installments, that way there is absolutely no risk to you. These bushings will take some time and some research, so I wouldnt be comfortable taking your money until the product has been built and test fit. The sub frame bushings will be done this weekend. Once people have paid for those, I will move onto the next set. No risk for either of us this way. If you'd like you could pay for just the sub frame lower control arm bushings to start. You can find then on my website,
    chedda_j ·
    Your part is secured, once they are done I will get ahold you to pay. If you do not pay someone on the wait list will take your spot.
    chedda_j ·
    Oh for sure, that's one of the next one on my list. I think I'm going to do the rear control arm bushings first, then rest of the front end. My paypal address is [email protected] You can wait till I'm done making them, that is ok. I will put you on the buy list.
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