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  • nordic97mist ·
    just wondering whats going on with my engine mounts/traction bar. i was told they'd ship out almost two wks ago. i've written to you twice since then and haven't heard from ya'll yet you've been online. please write me back. i dont mind waiting, i just dont wanna sit in the dark
    cntrdctn86 ·
    I don't think I've ever been so anxious for something in my life. Can't wait to see the traction bars hopefully in a week or so...
    TripleLude ·
    I can't wait to see that traction bar in NGK Blue. I will not rush quality, but I think it will look good in NGK blue.
    MeyerMan SI ·
    wonderin if the front traction bar and torque kit will fit the h23 prelude as well as the motor mounts if so you got a buyer!
    LOCOmotion ·
    Not sure if anyone else has approached you about it, but theres a fast growing interest in aftermarket rear Lower control arms for 4th gens. Since you already have a good foot in with 4th gen suspension parts, I was wondering if theres anyway youd be interested in being a part of this project. we are looking for a company to mold and reproduce them. please let me know. thanks alot
    raysh22a4 ·
    do you have any specials right now for 5th gen motor mounts? cuz i already have you traction set up and i love it.. now i want the mounts lol
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