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  • pIERCE ·
    Not much really, the lude is always on the backburner as a spare car when needed. I really need to apply to my local university and start my majors....ugh, so much more money.
    BRZ? What happened to your STi?

    Wheres your old lude now?
    Mephastapholes ·
    Word on the streets is that you're the man to talk to about some name change? If Possible could you change me to "Big Xris" or something to that nature. Great changes in my life make me no longer amused by being named after the devil. Thank you!
    bueryion ·
    whats up man i heard your the fellow to talk to about getting my screen name changed to something else?? Please respond thanks
    Quaaludelol ·
    Hi danny, im looking to sell my 86 si trying to post it up here for you guys to see but it says i have to make 100 posts first? Is there a way i can get around that or?? Lol..
    Colluder ·
    Thanks for the info Danny, shame about Gemini, I read some good reviews of their products; don't suppose you want to sell yours? Good news about the insurance pay out.

    Cudaboy mentioned you have a RHD third gen and he thinks with 'A' pillar gauge pods. If you do have A pillar pods, were they fitted when you got the car or did you find them somewhere?

    I've tried to search Japanese sites for some RHD 3G gauge pods but not had any luck; the language is a bit of a barrier and I don't find the websites very easy to navigate at all. Would you know anywhere I might track some suitable pods down, or perhaps some more intelligible Japanese sites?

    Cancel this gauge pod question Danny, I found your post in the newbie thread. Cheers, Matt.
    Colluder ·
    Hi Danny,

    I'm just looking for a little help finding a carbon fibre hood for a Prelude 3G but without the 3G spray bar or any scoops, just a smooth style. I posted a question in this thread (post 7543):

    Cudaboy mentioned a company in Vancouver called Gemini and thought the car I had found a picture of might be yours, so my question is, "Would you know anywhere I can find a hood similar to the one in the picture?"

    I've had a search around for Gemini (think they were called Gemini Composites) but cannot find a website, so I'm not sure if they're still trading.

    rectorc08 ·
    I have no useful information to post. Like I stated, just here to sell some parts. I never owned a Honda or Prelude before now and I have no information to give out.
    danbrick ·
    danny how and where can I post a thread to someone in another city to possibly bring me some parts if they were to be traveling my way. I know PP is not responsible. thanks Dan
    danbricker ·
    Thanks Danny for responding. My user name is danbrick, I 've apparently forgotten my password and to complicate matters I cant get into my E-mail you have on file because yahoo wont answer the phone. I've created new yahoo account [email protected] .com. I still would like to use my danbrick name if you can send a new password to me . Thanks, Dan
    danbricker ·
    Danny, I need help loging-in. I have E-mail and password issues.I've tried for 4 days to get a hold of an administrator unsuccessfully. My user name was danbrick. You can call me anytime at (702) 418-6755 0r E-mail to [email protected]

    Thank You, Dan Happy Lude Year !
    hotsauce ·
    hows it going danny woman bro. Did you get another lude yet mr sexual transmitted disease (infection lol) (sti)
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