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  • chughart2010 ·
    the only bad thing is my carbs r side draft and ur is down draft. but all carbs work the same so in theory the carb tuning is the same.

    and looking at those throttle bodies, it may b a pain in the ass to have to tune those. I just briefly looked at them but they look to be ITBs (individual throttle bodies) which from what ive researched and heard they r a bitch to get synchronized.

    but if u go performance carb route, depending on the design of the carb u could either use an electronic choke or just have it worked on a cable and when u start it cold just pull the cable to engage the choke and release the cable when the cars warmed up.

    and idk much about the b20 motors but it may b a pain to get dcoe carbs to work on it. may have to go with a performance down draft carb to make it easier and u can change jet sizes and stuff.

    hopefully im making sense and helping u. just throwing some ideas at u to maybe help lol
    LudicrousSpeed ·
    Because, it is only $40 shipped! Then, I figure for around $300 a local fabrication shop will make me a custom intake manifold..and on Amazon I can buy a complete tune kit (for $80) with whatever size jets I a bunch of info on tuning that specific carburetor...seems like fun! -my only worry is having a hard time starting the car on cold winter days. I'm gonna do more research, but it seems like a fun project! :) -any thoughts of this carb vs the dcoe 45 webers?

    Thanks again for the info..and happy prelude cruzn's to ya! :)
    LudicrousSpeed ·
    Thanks for the reply bro. For some reason I thought you had the b20a3 motor.. but, I figure your advice still applies regarding tuning the carb. -I was kinda thinking that too about adjusting the carbs a/f by ear..give it a bit more fuel to work with til it sounds like it's running too rich, or rubbly as you said, lol. -then I will back it off to maybe midway between where it was at originally and take it out for a spin :)
    LudicrousSpeed ·
    Hi, I was reading a thread you made about adjusting the a/f of your carb's.. Just curious how that worked out for you. Did you end up being able to do it without taking the carb's off the car? And, did you end up getting your engine to run less rich and produce some good power with the block bored out?

    I have read in several places on this forum where someone mentioned tuning this carburetor to produce substantially more power, but couldn't find a single post of anyone saying much more than warnings about modifying the a/
    fmn716 ·
    Please Read this, its the 2G Forum Rules

    Posting Rules !!!PLEASE READ!!!

    I have moved your post to the wanted thread

    Regards George
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