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  • LtFrankTheTank ·
    hey sean its been almost 1 to 2 years since i was able to get access to my account. What ever happened to the group buy motor mounts B16/B18 the first run. i know i sent money, i still have the receipt from pay pal. if you could reach back out to me ASAP that be great. I pulled out the Ba4 out the storage shed.
    cucurumbe ·
    hey 1funryd'
    I'm looking to turbo my b20a5 in my 89 lude. Do you have a thread or a site where you list all the parts and services you have researched and set up so that we dont all have to pour over the entire site it can be daunting at times. thanks a bunch
    Ludasaurus ·
    Long time buddy! How are ya? I need to find a how-to on Dave's short shifter for the 3g. won't load for me for some reason! Would love to attempt making my own instead of buying one since I am plenty capable. :)
    switters1 ·
    Hello Sean, I haven't said hello at the forums. I was wondering how about the KSport pricing. I attempted to click the Paypal link on your project page and it took me to Paypal saying the page was contacted in error. Anyway, I found the KSport's for my 3g '89 SI at Next Level Motoring for 894.33 shipped. Can you provide them for a better price? Is there a concern at all about them possibly having a pre-revision build in stock (if there has ever been a revision, scratches head??) ? I also just wanted to say how helpful your expertise has been for me making decisions about what to do with my 'Lude. Mark
    kingfish ·
    You helped me so much on my '91si. Can you help a little here please. I have searched all over 4th gen, found nothing. I have a very nice '93si h23 5sp. I want to put in a JDM h22 R w/ lsd. my questions probably are: Will it work with my computer or will I have to use obd2 and rewire some(how much) or should I just get 92-96 h22. Really want to go Type R. But is it a hassle? Wihich on line supplier is best. Thank you so much.
    Joooeeelll ·
    so im getting gas and possibly coolant in my 3rd to the right spark plug hole. Any suggestions i would greatly appreciate. okay so i started it, had to give it gas to keep it alive, then it idled out. shut it off and now it wont start, just constantly turning over but not starting; and then i went to the store on my bike for about 15 minutes and came home and tried to start it again she turned over it just took a 2 or 3 seonds to start ,whatca think?
    so iv read up on your thread about h22 swaps for the question is there anymore
    mods that need to be made...such as..

    fuse box system (under hood and under dash)
    fuel system (fuel filter,hoses,ect.)
    slave cylinder fluid reserve (is big enough or to big)

    i understand everything else as per your thread..just wanna know what other small things need to be handled if needed before i get into this project

    thanx for your time
    alpha-q ·
    i see ur the man for 3rd gen ludes, like i said everything is new, i got this lude for a tatt cover up, and now my son just past his drivers test with this car (2weeks ago), is there any thing else i can check?
    tincka_3gen ·

    I found your email on this forum and decided to write to you, because I'm searching for a new suspension for my Honda. I'd like to know how much would a Ksports coilover kit for my BA4 Prelude cost. I'm from Slovenia, so I'll also ask you to calculate shipping costs for them.

    Thank you very much,
    Straussy ·
    Hi There,
    I am having problems with my speedometer, my tachometer works fine which means the cable must be alright. The speedometer intermittently works so I figured it is probably the VSS on the back, I would like to just get another cluster and try it out. My car is a 1989 Honda Prelude, 5 speed, Si. I saw on a message board you had an instrument cluster and was hoping you still had it. What would you like for it, and can you ship it to Canada? Thanks so much for your time! Really appreciated it.
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