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Originally Posted by 1funryd View Post
**Added to Thread!!**

Update on upgrading the Torque converter!! 09/11/06
I spoke to a local shop up here in WA(Precision Torque Converters - 253-288-2233)
According to Neal the tech, he said that the Honda Torque Converters were very strong and are capable of handling some boost. However, I asked him what was involved in beefing up the torque converters? He said they just look for weak spots on the TC they add extra welds so as to not have the thing fly apart under the extra Horse Power.
He also recommends flushing the whole system out to get any particles that may have gotten into the tranny and adding an inline filter on the transmission fluid line to keep the TC from getting damaged.
For this upgrade they are charging $212.16 (which includes the Core fee if you do not give them your core. Core fee - $30.00)

So, for those of you wanting to Turbo Charge your Auto like Me! We have a cheaper option!


Sean, am I reading this right? We can get a good torque converter from someone local to you? As you know I am turboing an auto but this seems a cheap option and it would definitely be worth installing before I fire it up. If thats the price for a torque converter that can handle at least 8 psi of boost I think I want one to put on the project car. We need to talk.
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