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Originally Posted by nitin_s1 View Post
Today I managed to clean up the interior to it's formal OEM glory. It had an aftermarket gear knob and you lot know how much I love OEM knobs . There was some panels that were scratched and luckily I saved some good ones from my old car in to this. The Glass bit of the speedo also had a crack and managed to swap that over to a better looking one. The rear fog light switch also was broken so managed to fix that by deleting it.

There are a couple of thing I need to get it back to 100% original. It's missing the JDM flare, CF gear surround and the passenger side rear visor's glass bit is also broken. I have the flare and the CF bits from my old car so that's easy but the glass bit i'll need to source it.

I stil have the Red SiR interior and the red JDM Recaro's to go in this car but at the moment I do love the OEM interior and the practicality of rear seats so will leave that for summer.
Looks brand new. my interior looks very similar except for the seats and gauge cluster.

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