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Originally Posted by xkjnboix View Post
The restricting information you provided in this post would have benefited you to place in your initial post to increase the chance of viable replies in a timely manor. Receipt of invaluable information can be credited to negligence on your part. Also the rare chance of someone actually having a mass produced sohc bastard b header is slim to none as sean mentioned. GL on your search.
Actually a couple of manufacturers did sell them in the day, and there have been some offered for sale on this site a few years ago, but I didn't need one then. I expect that somebody has one, and will pm me.

btw. I've got a room full of trophies that says that a properly prepared 3gen sohc Prelude is the match for almost anything under 2.5 litres. Including injected cars. Probably faster than what you're driving.
People slag them because they don't understand them. Look at the twin side-draft carbs, and then look at a racing bike. Basically the same unrestricted airflow as a set of Mikunis, with some extra plumbing that comes out.
With the right cam, jetting, suspension, and a lot of experience it is a very fast car. The only guy to beat me in the championship the last 2 years is 1/3 my age, and runs an injected 4valve Nissan with a 20% bigger engine.
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