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Originally Posted by nickmopar1970 View Post
1998 honda prelude with euro r swap

So I just recently bought the vechicle, and owner had down the euro swap on it. the car runs fine, idle stays around 1000 rpm's, vtec hits around 5500rpm's, throtle repsonse is great, etc..

I went to emmsions and my computer wasnt linking up to the cade scanner/diag computer.

So i hooked up the old one and it links up, awesome, so im driving home and the check engine starts flashing, (damn), so i took it to auto zone and got P1399 and P300.

To summarize, the codes were blocked egr passage, valve clearance out of range, fuel system concern, ignition system concern, MAF sensor faulty, HO22/AF, and clocked intake or exhaust system.

Could the codes be popping up because its a different engine? could I actually have those problems even tho my engine seems to be running just fine? is the computer screwed?

is there any differences in timing between euro r h22 and the original h22.

I need to get past emissions, any info you have would help. thanks.
Depends on how the swap was done. Did the previous owner swap over all of the H22a4 sensors etc or did they just drop in the current motor.

Do you have an EGR valve on the manifold? Which manifold is even on the car - H22a4 or Euro-R manifold?

For the car to pass emissions via an obd2 plug in test, you would need all of the same readings off the new motor as if it were the original - if that makes sense. The Euro-R motor in it's original state, would not put out those readings.

Originally Posted by TylerRiley View Post
Thanks for the add! I am looking at getting a 5th gen prelude here in the near future. This will be my first ever owned car so Itīs quite exciting because I can now learn about the internals of a car and be able to work on one in the comfort of my own home. Here is a link that will take you to the Prelude I am currently looking at. It only has 109k miles and the paint is flawless. Unfortunately it is an automatic, but I am only getting automatic right now because my parents do not want me to get anything that is ancient, so I am hoping that the automatic transmission with low miles will help persuade them. let me know what you guys think about this prelude because I would hate to know I am getting ripped off.

Anyways, thanks for viewing and please do let me know what you think.

Inspect the quarters for rust, question the maintenance such as timing belt and water pump. Look in the trunk, beneath the carpet and spare tire, for water or signs of water (common issues due to tail light seals or clogged sunroof drain tubes). Inspect the car very very carefully for any signs of being repainted (overspray, sand paper marks, noticeably misaligned body panesl). Check the suspension for torn bushings (although uncommon at that low mileage, always good to check anyway). Be very very cautious due to the automatic transmission since they are known for having issues. If you're able to with an obd2 reader of some sort, check that the readiness codes are all set. If they are not, the check engine light has been recently cleared.

Even with the mileage, I would be hesitant spending $4,000 on a car that could potentially need $2,000 in maintenance and repairs within a short period. So ask questions
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