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Originally Posted by Wing8806 View Post
Originally Posted by RWBY-Tech View Post
We've had this 1999 2.3L SH since '08 and have done all maintenance ourselves. A few months back started popping CELs. We got the EGR valve replaced and then started getting P0325 (knock sensor). We replaced the (broken) knock sensor and all the intake gaskets etc. The P0325 cleared and all the DTC checks passed. Less than 24 hours later the CEL was back with P0325. We have already verified the knock sensor is still good (we didn't break it putting the intake manifold back in). Cleared the codes and it came back within 10 minutes. Cleared again and it was more than 24 hours before it came back. Intermittent issues are the worst. Please help! Can't pass emissions with P0325.
Did you use a factory knock sensor or an aftermarket? It's common for aftermarket to be a hit or miss, but hard to swallow the cost of a factory sensor.
It was aftermarket but looks identical to the one we took out (just not broken in half). Unfortunately don't have the $150 for the factory sensor.
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