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Post rebuilding a beat up 1997 manual base, need certain parts

i finally got around to making an account even though on my second lude (1997 Prelude base manual) the other weekend the captcha puzzles were fucking retarded i literally did 40 of them or more and still couldnt make an account. probably cuz i threw my phone on the 40th or so correct answer just to be asked to click on more bus's lol

okay so i need some help locating...

-passenger side rear view mirror
-passenger side sun visor
-budget aftermarket remote kill switch / gps / ejection seats / etc via cell connection NOT 2g, 3g or better
-budget 1 or 2 channel amp to supplement the one i already put in
-budget 12 to 18 in woofer to go with secondary amp
-bang for buck exhaust / headers reccomendations

-a big aftermarket center rear view mirror. not 400mm. For my last lude and benz I found a classy solution in modifying a $14 truck mirror from oreilleys to fit my 97 e420 benz by mounting it onto the passenger sun visor. it worked fine until i flipped it (the car, not the visor). the mirror in question fit uncomfortably in my last lude (4th gen) and my 5th gen it doesnt fit at all, it simply takes up a dangerous amount of visibility and i need something smaller. like 550mm maybe... any advice would be appreciated
-my exhaust looks like... ill keep it civil for my first post. my exhaust looks bad. lol sand that shit down then polish perhaps? its completely black

--edit-- o yeah and i have this poorly done / heavily weathered rear tint which is like a hot pocket. crispy tasty tender flaky crust. how do i get this bullshit off without harming the heating filament / antennae on the rear glass?

thanks guys

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