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Thread: Trying to shave down 1/4 time Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-08-2019 05:46 AM
GFloBb6 For anyone still interested, made another track day this time at Import Face-Off in Rockingham, made a couple 15.3’s and 15.4’s BUT i was able to make a personal best of 15.1!! Here’s the slip:
60ft- 2.46
1/8- 9.95
1000’- 12.79
1/4- 15.1
1/4mph- 93.84
Finally i’m getting super super close to high 14’s on my “stock” 5th gen, like i said in the last post my old suspension is still limiting me bad, this run i almost percectly slipped the clutch from about 3-4k i don’t remember, but it was a smooth slip and felt really good but i STILL wheel hopped a little bit after the 60ft and i Still wheel hop going into 2nd, on other runs during the day depending how i launched i wheel hop like crazy unless i totally baby it, and looking at the video my car still squats between shifts, BUT i just wanted to show some progress since the last couple times i hit the track, again i only have a intake and test pipe on my stock ECU and full interior, so 15.1 is getting pretty decent for that setup if you ask me... 200,000 miles original engine and she’s running like she’s out the factory!! If i ever work on my suspension i think i’ll easily be in the 14’s, my struts/springs and control arm bushings are all orginal lol, only thing new are the ball joints and sway bar links. Thanks for anyone interested, this is the drag section so i figured i’d post in it.
02-25-2019 11:34 AM
GFloBb6 Alright so finally was able to make some more passes at the track after it’s been closed for almost all winter. Made a personal best as well. Here’s the slip:

60ft - 2.56
1/8- 10.04
1/8 mph- 73.76
1/4- 15.33
1/4 mph- 91.80

So i finally got a good run where i stayed in Vtec between 1st and 2nd which i didn’t do last time when i ran a 15.7, so now that i stayed in Vtec i ran this 15.3.
Based on how my car feels i can tell my old suspension is holding me back from at least a 14.9 . I say that for multiple reasons, my suspension isn’t bad or messed up, but it’s just stock and original besides ball joints.
My car squats between shifts, looking at a video it definitely squats down which i know can kill precious milliseconds.
I also get wheel-hop on different occasions. So off the launch if i give it a decent 3.5k launch while slipping the clutch it’ll still wheel hop at least a little bit. Also as soon as i get into 2nd it immediately wheel hops for a quick little second. So i know this mixture of wheel hopping + squatting is killing my time. I’ve tried mulitple different launches from aggressive to soft and my 60ft has never gotten below 2.5, and i’ll assume my suspension is making that limit.
From what i’ve read going 91 - 92 mph should definitely land me at least a 14.9 or high 14 1/4 time. I’ve read 5th gens should be 15.2 stock but of course that’s when they tested the cars basically straight out the factory and whoever tested the car probably didn’t hold back while driving.
Again my 5th gen was full weight and only have a test pipe and intake. Stock ecu.
Any input would be nice, just wanted to show my progress since my last visit to the track.
11-21-2018 08:21 AM
GFloBb6 My overall goal is as low 15’s as possible with my setup (which is stock) like i said only “mods” are intake resonator delete, test pipe, and no balance shafts.(that’s like 5hp maybe? Lol) Also full weight, spare, jack, all seats, and extra stuff i carry in trunk lol. Weight on the scales with me inside is 3100. I’m (180lbs) So i basically have a all stock 5th gen minus having a 4th gen Vtec tranny. I’ll chase 14’s once i’m more modded. I just want low 15’s. When i go to the track i might take out passenger and backseats also spare and jack to see what weight red. can really do. But i’ll still make passes full weight.
11-21-2018 07:53 AM
GFloBb6 Wheels/tires are stock blades with brand new 205/50/16 with regular tire pressure, no suspension upgrades besides front strut-bar and replacing old bushings and ball joints with new ones (stock). So yes i do have some chassis movement when banging gears. But yeah it’s all stock besides converting to M/T. Also only reason i swapped to manual is because my automatic failed.
Also my 1-2 shift i shifted at 7200 so i wasn’t in Vtec when i went into 2nd, maybe that’s holding me back from a faster time? I’ll try ringing-out 1st next time so i can “land” in Vtec in 2nd.
Any tips on handbrake launch? I lightly used the handbrake to keep me from moving in the stage but i didn’t pre-load or anything. On my best 15.7 it was a conservative launch, just eased off the clutch from about 2.5- 3K , i have a new Exedy OEM clutch so i’m not trying to abuse it too much. Or burn it. I was originally going to buy a stage-1 clutch when i did my swap but ended up going with the stock one because well It was only $140 for Press. Plate, disc, slave and master cylinder all ordered together from with warranties. And $50 for the Oem-Honda throw out bearing. So basically $150 for clutch kit. Compared to $300 for basically any Stage 1(which yes is worth it). Plus i don’t abuse my Lude every day i usually drive slow like it’s a A to B car unless a race comes up.
I’m happy i went from 16.4 auto to 15.7 M/T because it’s ALMOST a second faster, but i know if i 60ft better i should at LEAST be able to get a 15.5 or 15.4? Once i get one of those numbers i’ll be happy lol. I just want it a second faster than the auto. I’m going to go back to the track this weekend if it’s open and get some more runs in. Thanks guys!
11-18-2018 04:18 AM
Tommydh Without any upgraded drive train your gonna be in that range. My best time on a stock block with underdrive pulleys, billet crank pulley CAI greddy evo exhaust was 14.3. I got in the 13s with minor suspension and chasis upgrades. Strut bar, upgraded clutch and tire pressure would be great help. I would have gone shift kit on auto if really want to drag.
11-18-2018 04:11 AM
Tommydh What tires are you running? Any suspension upgrades? Last time i ran M/T in my 98 i was launching around 3500 with drag radials. Avg high 14s to low 15s. I suggest a lighter flywheel, pulleys. If new to Manal trans. Launch off hand brake
11-12-2018 08:21 AM
GFloBb6 Hello anyone who reads this, looks like noone has posted in the drag section in 5 years lol BUT just want some advice.
SO, my 5th gen Lude used to be automatic, when i brought it to the track it ran very consistent 16.4’s and 16.5’s, out of 6 or so runs it was either one of those 2 times, whether it was a soft launch or heavier launch. Best slip was:

60ft: 2.59
330ft: 7.16
1/8th: 10.7– MPH:69
1/4: 16.46 — MPH: 86.86

Recently converted to a 5 speed, btw i’m not new at all to driving a manual, i’m only new to racing with a manual if that makes sense? But here’s the best time so far with one day at a test n tune:

60ft: 2.57
330ft: 6.82
1/8: 10.29 — MPH: 70
1/4: 15.72 — MPH: 90.60

Shifting at 7200 (stock redline)
To start off i’m using a M2S4 transmission(open diff) out of a 4th gen.
ALSO i’m stock minus a test pipe, int. Resonator delete, and balance shaft delete. Stock ECU.
Just wondering if there’s any tip you guys can give me to shave down some time mainly my 60ft is what i’m worried about, is 2.5 a slow 60ft for a “stock” 5th gen ? I have no basis to go off of and haven’t seen a actual slip of a stock-ish 5th gen with similar time.
So when i launch i just revv to about 2-2.5ish rpm and ease off the clutch. One run i dumped the clutch and wheel hopped and decided to never do that again haha. But what are some good techniques to launch? I have a OEM Exedy clutch kit with a honda throw-out bearing btw. So Should i revv higher and slip clutch? Or revv lower and dump?
Also reaching the end of the 1/4 do you guys keep into 3rd or shift to 4th? On the 15.7 i shifted to 4th before the 1/4 mark, one run i kept into 3rd past the 1/4 which was about 8k rpm, however on that run i had a slower 60ft then the other runs so idk yet if it would’ve improved my 1/4 or not.
Just want some advice guys mainly on my launch, also what do you guys think about the times. Thanks!

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